Cranbrook Academy of Art Announces Class of 2021 Online Graduate Exhibition

Cranbrook Academy of Art has announced their 2021 Online Graduate Student Degree Exhibition, utilizing the Bright Bright Great digital platform created for the graduating class in 2020. As the pandemic has altered the graduation experience for all schools, BBG was tasked with creating a portal for graduate students to present work, interested patrons to connect with students, and share a sense of the community at Cranbrook throughout the year.

View the 2021 Cranbrook Academy of Art Online Graduate Exhibition.

Passionate Advocates for Artistic Impact

As passionate advocates for education and artist representation, BBG designed the online exhibition to not only display the beautiful art of these 64 students, but also as a way to amplify the artists themselves. Highlighted on Cranbrook’s press release, “the site features a page dedicated to each student and a gallery of their work.There is also contact information, allowing others to reach out to the graduates for commissions, exhibitions, job opportunities, sales, and more.”

It was important for BBG to deliver a design and template that Cranbrook can use for many exhibitions to come, and we cannot wait to see these artists’ journeys after graduation! Congratulations Class of 2021!

Silent Messenger "it could be worse" , 2021. Mobile construction display

Silent Messenger “it could be worse” , 2021. Mobile construction display

About Cranbrook Academy of Art

Cranbrook Academy of Art offers a rigorous studio-based practice, informed by intensive and regular critique, and the opportunity to observe and work with leading practitioners in their own studios. Learn more about Cranbrook Academy of Art.

Sam Dienst Meshscape 02 Yarn. 92" x 62"

Sam Dienst Meshscape 02 Yarn. 92″ x 62″

Design for Education

Bright Bright Great worked with Cranbrook Academy of Art to refine their digital presence in 2019 and has worked with Techsmart, a Python educational track for elementary, secondary and high school education, as well as University of Chicago’s Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

View more work:


New Work: Cranbrook Academy of Art

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Bright Bright Great is Among Top Web Development Companies in New York

For Immediate Release: 2021 04/08

web developer new yorkweb developer new yorkweb development New York

The famous IT market research and analysis company,, has named Bright Bright Great among the top web development company in New York. This list acknowledges renowned companies in the web development industries.

This is Techreviewer’s list that helps entrepreneurs, startup founders, or managers search for web development company in New York. The ranking was based on information from customers’ reviews, availability and reliability of technical-know-how, companies’ reputation and quality of service, which were carefully analyzed by Trechreviewer.

About Bright Bright Great

Bright Bright Great has been helping organizations since 2007 to develop and maintain websites across different industries like Electronics, Healthcare, Education, Travel & Hospitality, and many more. Their company provides reliable and budget-friendly services, focusing on design and web development enterprises and medium-sized businesses. They have professionals who are experts in transforming clients’ digital presence into a global dream. Security, scalability, and functionality are the main hallmarks of their web development solutions, and they’ve proven to be in the list of top web development companies.

About Techreview

Techreviewer is an independent IT market research and analysis company that helps connect companies with top software development providers. This platform is the best analytic hub to find premium-quality IT services for AI and ML development, web and mobile development, blockchain development, system integration, Big Data, and business analysis. determines which IT companies are the most successful and reliable in different service categories and makes top ranking lists for each service category. Techreviewer’s ranking list helps companies make decisions when it comes to outsourcing their software development projects. A great outsource solution for all small and medium-sized businesses.

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A Discussion on Social Media with Jason Schwartz and Nick Lush Moderated by Margaux Delapierre

Can you describe your job and why did you pick this field?

Jason Schwartz, Creative Director & Founder, Bright Bright Great. Side hustle: Creative Director & Founder Avondale Type Co. & Mlmtr. On Twitter, @jaycrimes.

Nick Lush, Marketing & Strategy Director, Bright Bright Great. I didn’t really consciously pick this field so much as I was working at a small business and got moved into it and found that I liked it. Over time, I realized that I didn’t really like being in an internal marketing department and so I was lucky enough to join BBG and start working on the agency side which has been far more fulfilling. On Twitter, @nelush.

Are you working a lot with social media in your daily life?

Jason: I use social media all day. It’s not only how I receive news and communicate with friends, but also used to learn and keep us with the design industry.

Nick: Pretty much every single minute of every single day. It’s rare that I’m fully unplugged and not asleep. I monitor accounts for myself and for our businesses and I’m generally working on at least one project that requires me to help another company plan out its voice, tone, and social media strategy.

In your personal life, are you using Instagram and what for?

Jason: I only use Instagram for personal use. I minimally bring professionalism through strictly to this platform. Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook Pages are mostly used for pushing my professional brand. I think Instagram is a great for creative brands since everything is visual. Bright Bright Great, Avondale Type Co. & Mlmtr do really well on Instagram and we try to keep up with promoting these brands there.

Nick: I’m more of a words guy so I tend not to use Instagram that much. I’d rather talk than shoot, if there’s something I see that I want to snap a pic of, it’s usually on Snapchat bc it’s usually to make fun of something. It has a ton of use in my more professional pursuits, but in my personal life I’m not as likely to use it.

What are the others social media that you are using?

Jason: For people, LinkedIn is typically the first place that clients vet. They look at your recommendations and testimonials. Typically potential clients review my profile and then look at our entire design teams profiles.

I use Twitter the most. Facebook has become super tedious and boring for me in terms of content. The one aspect I like the most about Facebook is groups. I belong to a handful of collector groups. It’s a great place to find things if you collect anything. Beyond that, I don’t typically spend too much time on Facebook.

Instagram is the most interesting and engaging content to me personally while I use it, however, I could give it up and wouldn’t miss it.

One thing which I think is the most interesting in terms of how I use social media is that for years, I was using it to push me professionally forward. I followed and chatted with designers. I noticed that I was getting frustrated that as an industry I was seeing complaints all day and that got tiring.

I noticed that I was getting frustrated that as an industry I was seeing complaints all day and that got tiring.

I stopped following designers and creatives and moved towards following my other interests like comic book and entertainment companies.

Nick: I have accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, and Vine. Of those, I’m really only an active user of Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat. I maintain a Facebook account to stay on top of what’s happening in my family, mostly, but I rarely engage on Facebook beyond a private group I’m in to talk about wrestling. Facebook’s content has gotten extremely difficult for me to want to engage with because it’s a lot of people that haven’t made any real self-inquiry opining (badly) about politics and lifestyle. 

I maintain a LinkedIn account because I have to, professionally, I don’t really ever see any content being published there that has me eager to engage more than I do. Pinterest is something I initially didn’t really get and was hesitant to join but has become a really enjoyable thing to use during commutes or on lazy Sunday nights, just finding things that inspire me visually and that I want to bookmark for later. Snapchat is a fun tool, but I go through phases where I use it a lot and then don’t touch it for a week and then pick it up again. 

Twitter is far and away the thing I’m most active on and probably the only social network that I would say has added value to my life. It’s challenged me personally and helped me to grow personally and professionally and put me in touch with amazing people I never would have met otherwise.

Twitter is far and away the thing I’m most active on and probably the only social network that I would say has added value to my life.

Do you think Instagram has the qualities to compete with Facebook or Twitter? And Why? 

Jason: Instagram is visual. There are less options to do things on Instagram than Twitter and Facebook, but conversions are typically higher. More people will give the simple like/heart than agree to go to an event and show up.

Nick: Instagram is a great promotional tool, particularly for products and events. I’m a big sneakerhead and I own at least 10 pairs that I purchased via Instagram posts (even though that meant calling the store and placing an order). Twitter is really struggling to figure out how to generate ad revenue because the community is really hostile to promoted content that doesn’t add value. It’s much easier to add value in beautiful visuals than to ask an intern at a fast food joint to add value with their thoughts.

Why Instagram is considerate as a « quality content » compared to his main competitors?

Jason: Facebook is overloaded with garbage. Right now I think I have 35 event invites that I haven’t even looked at. Instagram is not a dump of whatever is on your mind. People typically compose before posting.

Right now I think I have 35 event invites that I haven’t even looked at.

Nick: It’s a creative platform and the people who thrive there are creative. Images resonate with people, so the best content on Instagram is immediately impactful across language barriers and backgrounds. Vine also has lead to some really creative executions because of the platform’s restrictions, but it’s limited by language and cultural boundaries in a way that pure photography isn’t.

What makes Instagram different? Do you think Instagram made a good choice in proposing only pictures and videos content? Why? 

Jason: It’s not. It’s the same as everything else. All are a fad of this/next decade. The next things will come.

The next things will come.

Nick: Instagram is different because of the choice to only use photo and video. Video I think actually weakens it to some degree for the same reasons I mentioned regarding Vine. The biggest trap social companies fall for is trying to be like the neighbors instead of staying in their lane. There’s a lot of money and value in being the go-to social network for photographic content. I’m not sure video enhances that. I have yet to see a viral Instagram video.

What are the characteristics on Instagram that attract brands to be a part of the community?

Jason: Instagram and Pinterest are solid for brands because everything is visual. People don’t read on the internet anymore, so just popping a photo with limited ability for text is good.

Nick: Visuals make it easier for brands to be impactful. Brands constantly send bad tweets and they get muted as a result. On Instagram they can just share a cool video and people will like it.

Visuals make it easier for brands to be impactful. Brands constantly send bad tweets and they get muted as a result.

What type of brands are the most faithful to the social media? And why?

Jason: All brands should care about social media. People are always talking about your brand whether you like it or not. You need to be involved in that conversation.

People are always talking about your brand whether you like it or not. You need to be involved in that conversation.

Nick: Right now, brands that skew younger are more faithful to social platforms, for obvious reasons. Facebook has been around for a long time but you still hear brand managers and advertisers talk about it like it’s brand new. They’re on it because they think it’ll help them connect with young people, regardless of the actual demographics of the platform. In the long term, the brands that will get the most value from social are the ones that understand their responsibility as customer care reps and content producers. The brands that are just on there to dictate conversation and not participate will fail.

Why fashion/decoration brands are using Instagram and publishing more and more day after day? The picture is what the user is looking for?

Jason: What better place to show product that a digital lookbook that doesn’t require printing costs?

Nick: Clothes are visual. What better platforms to promote visuals than Instagram and Pinterest? It’s like publishing a lookbook piece by piece.

Why the picture is more valuable than the comment?

Jason: People don’t read. The internet went from in the 90s tons of content and limited imagery (due to loading and internet speeds) to rich visual experiences that guide users only sharing copy where needed. 

It’s not less important, it just needs to make a statement faster. Showing someone a picture tells that story minutes faster than reading a descriptor.

Nick: Ideally the comment complements then picture. They shouldn’t be separate. It’s like naming a painting. It doesn’t have to be related, but paintings that are named interestingly enhance the whole piece.

How brands are using emotions? Making the brand more « human » is easier on Instagram?

Jason: This is entirely dependent on the tone for the brand, however I don’t think you’ll find a brand that doesn’t want to appeal to the user saying “I want to buy this.”

Nick: Brands try to use emotion constantly. That’s how you try to convince people to use your product rather than a competitors: because they’re convinced you will enhance their life in some way that a competitor won’t. I don’t think it’s easier to make a brand more human on Instagram, I think having a defined perspective makes a brand more human. The platform isn’t the limitation, it’s the brand’s understanding of itself.

What users are looking for when they are following a brand on Instagram? 

Jason: Users always look for brands that align with their interests and desires. People don’t tend to follow things that don’t interest them.

Nick: New products, new sales. I follow a lot of sneaker and streetwear brands. I follow them just to see when a new piece drops that I want.

Brands are using a lots of hashtags like #BTS, #nofilter… What changed since a few years? What does the follower want to see now? 

Jason: Hashtags are still a nice way to find things. There really aren’t great ways outside of hashtags on Instagram to connect like content.

Some tags have come and gone like #followfriday but you still see people pop it back into existence every now and again.

Nick: Hashtags are how brands insert themselves in a conversation. It’s a way of categorizing information. Ideally, the brand is using hashtags to get their content in front of a more relevant audience. In reality, it’s usually just a cynical ploy to latch on to current events.

Hashtags are how brands insert themselves in a conversation.

According to you, what’s the first selection criterion for brands using Instagram as one of their main social media accounts?

Jason: It’s not. Brands claim their digital property first and that typically includes all accounts. Instagram is not usually first, especially since it requires the most crafted content.

Nick: Do you have photographers on staff? Are they good? If not, hire them or Instagram isn’t for you.

Do you have in mind some brand’s examples to illustrate your thoughts?

Joe Freshgoods might be one of the best. He’s plugged into his community and Instagram is one of his primary vehicles for moving product. Sneaker Politics, CNCPTS, Alexander McQueen, Bang Bang Pie. Those are the ones that spring to mind.

Do you think Instagram’s new options will make it more valuable and sustainable (longer video, private message…)? And do you think Instagram will be forgotten in the near future (If so, why)?

Jason: Video is nice in Instagram but requires an even tighter grip on quality on content. Look at fashion brands like Burberry and Nike, every post is a little movie.

Instagram is trending towards growth right now, so I think it’s good in the near future.

Nick: Private messaging is way more important than video. Private message allows for small merchants to start engaging in basic ecommerce for small stock. Video is sort of a must-have but I don’t really think it’s a major addition. Claiming the photography lane is the most important thing for Instagram to stick around.

How do you think Instagram can reinvent itself? How can it compete and being sustainable?

Jason: I don’t think Instagram needs to reinvent itself. It’s a visual sharing platform. No need to add bloat. I do think there is some space for Instagram to also include audio a la Soundcloud. That might be solid for musicians and bands.

There is still opportunity, Instagram just needs to make sure to keep focused.

Nick: Instagram shouldn’t reinvent itself any more than La Scala should. When you’re the best in your space, it’s already a full time job just maintaining your ownership of your lane.

How brands are selling themselves on Instagram? What kind of new substitutes are using by the brands? 

Jason: Brands are hiring content creators and producers to make amazing things on Instagram. Look at Nike, everything posted makes people want to buy.

Nick: In the sneaker and streetwear space the biggest trend I see is seeking out co-signs. Showing off collaborations you did with someone who’s considered a tastemaker or a style influencer. For more everyday goods, it’s just sort of finding ways to make products that are more basic to everyday life seem more interesting.

How do you explain that brands are gaining in brand awareness with Instagram whereas any links, any promotion are permitted?

Jason: Links are currently not permitted in comments, but users are getting past that using Link in Bio, which isn’t idea. When content posters can add links, that’d be huge for selling things because Link in Bio typically only works until you are on to the next thing.

Nick: Look at the comments of any brand that’s doing a good job and you’ll find people commenting just to tag their friend. That is the literal definition of growing awareness.

To conclude, what would you add or change on the application (or why would you not change anything)?

Jason: Instagram as-is is nice. I’d probably like to closer groups. It’d be nice to pull my family all into one place, rather than missing their posts.

Nick: The new Fox Sports video app allows you to rank teams you like in order of how actively you support them, from Fanatic to active fan to casual fan. Similarly Apple Music asks you to rank artists and genre styles from love to hate. Being able to mark specific accounts and genres as being more interesting to you would allow Instagram (and all other algorithm-based platforms) to construct a more compelling timeline for users and allow advertisers to serve more targeted content.

And do you have any idea of how social media will grow in the next couple of years?

Jason: Social Media is just marketing. Marketing methodology always changes. There will be new favorite platforms and current favorites will start to fade.

Social Media for brands is not a “nice to have anymore.”

Social Media for brands is not a nice to have anymore, it is a must. Brands that are currently avoiding it will join. Those who are currently using it will continue to use it in new and exciting ways.

Nick: Social media will be driven entirely by the communities on the platform. Brands will fund that change, but the users will determine how the platform uses grow and change. Snapchat is a great example of how you can connect brands to people in a way that makes interactions enjoyable for all while monetizing the platform. Twitter is a great example of how you make advertising super annoying and irrelevant to users and therefore put your entire company at risk.

Learn more about social media ad design here.

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Clutch Recognizes Bright Bright Great as a Top WordPress Design Agency 2021

In their latest report. Clutch released a list of the highest-ranking B2B companies in the design space.

Top WordPress Design Agency 2021

WASHINGTON, DC – March 9, 2021 – Today, market research firm Clutch announced the leading B2B company across design categories. Top Design Agencies 2020

These categories include:

  • Usability Training
  • User Research
  • UX Strategy
  • WordPress Design

Bright Bright Great on Clutch’s List of Top WordPress Designers

Bright Bright Great is one of those full-service brand innovation agencies that mainly focuses on web design, digital strategy, and social media marketing. But what makes us different is that we concentrate on the mission, not the project. We engage strategy, design, and technology to achieve successful collaborations.

Our company consists of professional designers, experimenters, developers, technologists, and artists. We work not just to deliver websites but to solve problems and build brands. The deliverables we make are engaging interactive experiences, from research and analysis, through creativity, and all the way to advertising, social media, and marketing.

Clutch’s research methodology Bright Bright Great is now an award-winning design, strategy, development & hosting agency. We made it in their Top WordPress Developers. With that, our creative director and partner, Jason Schwartz, shared his thoughts about this award:

“Bright Bright Great is honored to receive the nod in 2021 for our progressive, and solution driven, design work.” Jason Schwartz, Managing Director, Partner

Clutch leads the ratings and reviews industry. Every month, more than half a million buyers and sellers use their platform, and the user base increases over 50% a year.

Aside from that, our customer’s feedback and comments towards us are highly appreciated. We love to hear from them. See what they have to say to us:

“There were no surprises. We always knew what to expect. They always met our expectations. There were a lot of things we didn’t know about development, but they did a great job educating us and remaining transparent. “ – Director of Technical Training and Support, Ferguson Ent.

Did you find our services appealing? We are ready whenever you are. Get in touch with us so we could identify all your needs.

About Clutch

Clutch is the leading ratings and reviews platform for IT, marketing, and business service providers. Each month, over half a million buyers and sellers of services use the Clutch platform, and the user base is growing over 50% a year. Clutch has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the U.S. and has been listed as a top 50 startup by LinkedIn.

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Bright Bright Great Named Top Chicago Software Development Companies 2021 by DesignRush

Bright Bright Great is honored to be named one of the top Chicago Software Development Companies 2021 in Chicago by DesignRush.

“It means a great deal to the BBG team to be recognized some of our frequent collaborators and development firms that we know are putting out amazing work.” – Jason Schwartz, Creative Director

About Design Rush

Our industry experts ranked the top software development companies in Chicago that build high-performance solutions to help brands meet their business goals. Use the filter to select the best partner for your needs and take advantage of these companies’ high-quality services and nationally competitive rates.

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Passionately Independent, Cooperatively Minded

Over the past 10+ years, Bright Bright Great has received numerous merger, acquisition, acquihire, and flat out buyout offers, which sometimes seemed interesting, but never aligned with where we want to go as an agency, who we want to work, how we envision the future of digital tools, and how we want to serve our clients.

In 2019, BBG was approached by Nostos, with an amazing concept. Stay independent, but join a small heavily vetted group of amazing agencies to collaborate and share resources with. A community that is not a referral network, but shares knowledge, support and educational resources so that all partners continue to grow as individuals, but be better together.

We were in!

Nostos Philosophy

“Being a part of the Nostos Network and being connected to other best-in-class complimentary independent agencies has been an amazing learning experience, as well as an opportunity for BBG to grow alongside such amazingly talented people.”

Jason Schwartz, Creative Director

We believe independent agencies do better work.

They’re also better places to work and better stewards of the communities where they operate. That’s why we’ve created a community of best-in-class companies with complementary skill sets and diverse industry expertise who all share similar values, including a passion for working together and remaining independent.

The current agency and consultancy networks are broken.

They don’t serve the needs of their clients or agencies that join them. They are designed to maximize profit, monopolize industries, and maintain the status quo. Nostos prioritizes individual culture, quality of thinking, and shared well-being.


You can learn more about the Nostos community of agencies here:

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Job Alert – BBG is Hiring a Senior Project Manager

Bright Bright Great Hiring









Full Time
Chicago, IL, Remote

Bright Bright Great is hiring a Mid-Level, to Senior Project Manager. As BBG is a fully remote team, this position is open to Chicago-based as well as all similar time-zones.

Senior Project Manager

Reports to Account Manager and Agency Director, collaborates with the entire BBG team.

Bright Bright Great is a Chicago-based digital design studio with over 13 years of experience creating unique interactive digital experiences that align technology and usability with goals. If you’re interested in joining a team of extremely passionate and talented individuals, we’d love to hear from you!

BBG’s Project Management is assertive and proactive in nature paired with organization, communication and a strong commitment to building relationships — both internally and externally — is the backbone to our account staff. With tenure in this role, a senior project manager supports the entire team in multiple facets and works hard to merge tactical support with a strategic process vision. Recaps, project follow-ups and client updates are the primary focus of this role while supporting the Account Manager in an effort to lead the client.

This detail-critical team member — whose constant follow-ups and check-ins keep the project moving — ensures a project is completed in budget and on time. A team mindset and incredible attention to detail is critical.

Job Responsibilities

Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Project workflow management from kick-off through execution (Asana)
  • Experience collaborating and managing remote team members
  • Experience collaborating with external contractors in various capacities
  • Collaboration with Design and Development teams for scheduling, and resource needs
  • Communicate updates, requests and blockers to clients daily
  • Setup and lead client update calls
  • Support Account team with estimate, brief, internal project setup and timeline generation
  • Proactively manage systems: data inputs, project tracking, server, etc.
  • Backfill Account Manager while away; attentive to workflow of project
  • Request client assets for all projects and organize on server
  • Implement streamlined process improvements, as you see fit
  • Build and maintain meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues
  • Exercise your collaborative spirit, every day: “Fight like you’re right, listen like you’re wrong.”

Skills Required

  • Bachelor’s degree in project management, marketing, or similar
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in a PM role within an agency (including digital/technology)
  • Excellent communication skills (phone, email, text and traditional letter writing)
  • Effective time management: ability to manage multiple assignments at once
  • A well-rounded knowledge of the design process from Research & Strategy, Development Handoff through launch
  • Highly organized
  • Excellent listener
  • Committed to excellence
  • Strong understanding of Microsoft Office, Apple iWork, Google Drive and Docs and a Apple OS environment
  • Strong desire and drive to do what it takes to be successful

How To Apply

Please send a cover letter and resume to:

* BBG is an equal opportunity employer and encourages BIPOC applicants to apply. No recruiters.

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The Best Web Companies in Chicago by

Bright Bright Great is honored to be recognized as one of the top 10 web design and development companies in Chicago by

Best Web Design Companies in Chicago

For Immediate Release
2020 12/16

The Best Web Design Companies in Chicago

We evaluated 49 web design companies in Chicago based on 10 different variables to give you a list of the best web design companies in the area. Our reviews of the top 15 web design companies in Chicago include important information, such as costs, features, and what customers are saying.

How We Chose the Best Web Design Companies in Chicago

Chicago has dozens of choices when it comes to web design companies and narrowing down which is the best fit for you is no easy task. That’s why we’ve done the legwork for you to identify the top 15 providers in the city based on metrics such as size of the company, time in the business, price, and satisfied customers.

Multiple Service Lines

Some businesses simply need a website designed while others require a comprehensive online marketing strategy. From pay-per-click (PPC) marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) to full branding and strategy, we made sure to choose companies that offer a broad range of services to meet diverse needs.

Size of Firm

Small agencies can offer more personalized services, while large firms tend to offer a more standardized approach. Both options have their pros and cons, and the right choice for you depends on your budget and how customized your project is. We’ve included web design companies of all sizes on our list, so you can decide for yourself.

Industry Focus

Some web firms dedicate their time and resources to serving specific industries such as manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and healthcare. If industry experience is on your checklist, we’ve listed examples of the industries each company serves.

About is a website that helps small business owners make the right buying choices.

We’re different from other review sites. Most of our competitors rate companies using editorial opinions or user-submitted ratings. For you — the buyer — that’s risky.

Inaccurate reviews are a real problem for small business website owners. You can’t always rely on a user review if they signed up the day before. And if you have to rely on the verdict of just one person, it’s difficult to make an informed buying decision.

Our small business software reviews are different. We build ratings using genuine user comments posted on Twitter. These comments beat reviews. They’re authentic, relevant, and up-to-date.

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Bright Bright Great Lands A Spot on Clutch’s Top 1000 Global Companies for 2020

Making your brand stand out is surely a daunting prospect. A lot of companies strive to create a strong branding and a lasting impression in the market, but not a lot nail these objectives. That’s why we believe that finding the right partner for your branding needs is quintessential. Here at Bright Bright Great, we understand these struggles, and with 13 years of experience in the business, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Our company understands the ins and outs of the industry. We know the importance of strong branding and how to utilize it to grow your business. As a testament to our hard work and commitment, we were recently recognized as one of the top 100 companies (#45) in Clutch’s top 1,000 global companies for 2020.

Top 1000 Companies Clutch Global 2020

Clutch is a well-respected rating and review platform that helps businesses connect with the best service providers around the world. Clutch evaluates companies to provide knowledge and information for the B2B industry.

It is truly a pleasure to be dubbed as one of the industry leaders for this year. A great honor to be recognized as such and our team couldn’t be more proud. All of the hard work and dedication we put into every project didn’t go unnoticed.

We believe in creating an interactive experience from research and analysis. If you are looking for an award-winning branding service, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our team is always up to take new and exciting challenges.

“Each year, our company takes the time to highlight the top tier industry leaders in the global B2B market,” said Clutch Founder Mike Beares. “With an impressive background of projects, responsive customer service, and superior skillsets in their fields, these companies have proven time and again that they’re the best choice when selecting a B2B provider.”

The Clutch 1000 is the firm’s most exclusive award, representing only the top 1% of companies listed on the site.

Bright Bright Great is thrilled to be recognized at #45 in Clutch’s 2020 Clutch 1000.

“Our dedication to creating valuable digital experiences and brand have continued to make the internet a better place for all. I personally want to thank the entire BBG team for all of their hard work in 2020. This recognition should be a reflection of everyone’s hard work. We would also like to thank our incredible clients and partners.” – Jason Schwartz, Partner, Creative Director

View the full press-release on Clutch’s website.

Previous Clutch 1000 Recognition

Bright Bright Great was also recognized at #181 in 2019 and #86 in 2018.

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Bright Bright Great Recognized by Techreviewer as a Top Web Design Company 2020

Bright Bright Great is proud to share recognition by Techreviewer as a Top Web Design Company in 2020.

Techreviewer Top Web Design Companies 2020Techreviewer Top Web Design Companies 2020

For Immediate Release:

Bright Bright Great is a web design company that has proven its value by providing high-quality solutions and providing flexibility and support to customers. Extensive experience and deep technical expertise in providing web design have placed the company on the list of leading software development companies, according to well-known online catalogs and research institutions.

Now there is another achievement: the trusted analysis company Techreviewer named Bright Bright Great one of the leading Web Design Companies in 2020.

We are honored to be recognized as one of the best web design and development companies in the world.

We will continue to prove the trust that Techreviewer, our customers, and partners place in us. We believe that in the near future, we will receive more awards for custom software development.

About Techreviewer

Techreviewer is an analytics hub that carries out studies and publishes lists with the best software development companies in various business domains based on the market research and analysis.


Bright Bright Great Named TechReviewer Top 40 2019 Web Design Companies

BBG Recognized Among Top WordPress Developers of 2020 according to DesignRush

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