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Behind the Scenes

Brand: Is it Time to Revisit? YES!

Branding is Playing a Big Role in 2023-24

Ok, folks. It is time to talk brand. The next year and a half are projected to be tough going for businesses across many verticals, and brand positioning, perhaps more than ever, can help you weather the storm.  According to Forbes, staying smart and understanding new engagement trends will be key to navigating this economic crisis. For instance, how well are you speaking to women over 45?  

“While youth remain key (as the de facto future consumer) do look up this year to midlifers, particularly women. Enter: The ‘Queenagers’ (aka 45+ women) – a term coined by Eleonor Mills, former editorial director of The Sunday Times & founder of community platform Noon, in defiance of the gendered ageism self-sabotaging gazillions of brands who could be a.) changing the script, while b.) making themselves a mint at the temple of the middle-aged females in the process.”

Katie Baron,
Little Jerry

Knowing who you already speak to, who you should be speaking to, and how best to communicate to missed audiences is more important than ever. Brand is the bridge.

Is Your Brand Still You?

A LOT has changed in the past few years and revisiting your brand may be needed to keep corporate consistency.  Your company is your baby, and just like a baby, your company grows up. Given the fast paced changes required to keep up with the past decade, is your brand even still you? From the most basic brand underpinnings, you undoubtedly have matured: has your mission shifted to be more socially conscious; has the environment and the way you produce become more of a priority; have you begun exploring the metaverse, NFTs, and new technologies; have you made DEI more of your corporate vision?  

The list goes on and on, and not amplifying your brand maturity can be a missed opportunity. 

Does Your Brand Stand Out?

The market is loud, cluttered, and saturated, and while your brand messaging may have originally worked, it may no longer be cutting through the noise as much as it used to. 

“Effective brand messaging enhances every other aspect of the brand from both a visual and strategic perspective, allowing you to put forth a brand that both out performs competitors and speaks directly to your target consumer.”

Lyndsey Middendorf, Bright Bright Great

Whether you are starting a new company, or have some years under your belt, now is the time to revisit brand. And Bright Bright Great is here for you!  We can help you strategize, understand emerging markets, mature value proposition, elevate mission, and everything in between. Looking for a Chicago design agency, drop us a line, we would love to help!