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New Work

New Work — Therabody App Design & UX

Bright Bright Great had the opportunity to collaborate with the fantastic in-house product, marketing, and science teams at Therabody, as well as incredible partners from Tech Holding and Artefact US on the Therabody app design & UX project ushering in a major update to the Therabody iOS and Android apps used daily by over a million users in 60 global markets.

All teams worked seamlessly almost six months refining user journeys, introducing 8 totally new products focusing on ease of use, without introducing complexity and confusion due to the sheer amount of new content introduced in the app update.

New products include: Theragun PRO, Theragun mini, SmartGoggles, RecoveryTherm devices, Theracup, Therabody Lounger and TheraMind, the companies digital first sound therapy product.

Information Architecture

Understanding the complexity of this app is no simple feat. Already having gone through 4 major releases, BBG jumped into this project recognizing an incredibly complex IA, knowing that many conversations about functionality and flows happened in the past.

App Design & UX Process

Therabody iOS App

BBG approached this project knowing that our goal was not to reinvent the wheel, but to convince users that the wheel was there all along.

Jason Schwartz, Creative Director

The sheer complexity of the addition of 8 new products, including for the first time, a totally digital product required all teams to focus on seamless information architecture creating journeys that feel like these products and experiences have been a part of the app since the beginning.

Therabody App product shop detail tiles
Therabody OOH
Therasound ritual and routine advertisement.

BBG and Therabody worked collaboratively on over 700 application screens, totally new and refined user journey flows, brand new functionality, user education, Therabody Branding design elements, all while exploring totally new means of moving users across product lines through the information architecture.

Deliverables: Brand Strategy. , Information Architecture UX Design, UI Design

This was a really fun project for our team, as it was the first time we were able to create for a product that we all use on a regular basis.

Lyndsey Middendorf, Project Manager

About Therabody

Therabody believes that everybody deserves to move their mind and body without limitation. And access to wellness tech solutions should not be reserved only for the pros. We believe that self-care is health care– you have the power to improve your performance, pain, stress and sleep all on your own. It’s as much about giving yourself the outright, unfettered permission to slow down, reset, and even change direction as it is about progressing forward. Now, you just have to harness that power. We provide you with the tools you need to keep moving through life, and everything that comes with it.

At Therabody, our mission is to inspire and enable all people to keep their mind and body in motion. How do you #KeepMoving?