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New Work

New Work — FOUNT — Brand Strategy, Branding, Digital

Bright Bright Great collaborated with FOUNT to reimagine their brand story, implement digital strategy, and create a new digital experience to compliment the launch of their web-application. Earlier in the year, BBG worked with FOUNT to establish their new brand strategy and story.


User Experience Research (UXR), User Experience Design (UXD), Brand Strategy, Branding, Art Direction, Digital Experience

FOUNT logo
FOUNT logomark, remained in the brand from the prior design work


When starting a new company, with a new product, it can be very helpful to talk through brand, story and pitch with some outside ears.  Lyndsey and I were happy to be those ears. Working alongside the FOUNT team, we were able to hone in and refine value propositions, story arc, and ways to best discuss and sell the product. In the end, I know we were all happy with how elevated the brand language had become.”

Dan Schwartz, Business Development Lead, Brand Strategist
FOUNT desktop
FOUNT website

The Design Process:

This was a fantastic project to reimagine the user journey knowing that FOUNT’s messaging was entirely changing to reflect their progress as a company. We started from scratch at brand strategy and continued working with their team all the way through launch of a new digital experience coinciding with the complete redo of their SaaS web product.

FOUNT mobile
FOUNT mobile
FOUNT mobile
FOUNT mobile
UX design
FOUNT illustration
FOUNT tablet
FOUNT AI generated news images (this was a first for us)
FOUNT illo
FOUNT illustration
FOUNT mobile
FOUNT mobile experience


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The BBG Team

Incredible work from the BBG team.