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Behind the Scenes

Nasha Washington Joins Bright Bright Great as Population Manager

Nasha joins Bright Bright Great as Population Manager and will be assisting with Business Development.

Nasha Washington, Population Manager

Nasha joins BBG with over a decade of education and management experience. We’re excited to have her on board and expect great things!

Why did you join Bright Bright Great?

After nearly a decade in education, I joined BBG to broaden my scope and dive into the ever changing world of design and technology. With a degree in education, I bring a unique set of skills to a design agency. What a great company and group of people to learn from and grow with.

What do you look forward to bringing to the team and to client relationships?

In education, we learn to teach. At BBG I will teach to learn as a bridge between our amazing designers and our customers, who may not have the same level of understanding, or knowledge base. With my specialized ability to relay information I can help clients understand many aspects of the projects we design for them.

Any last thoughts?

I am excited and inspired to see how education and design can come together to enhance and Brighten the customer experience.

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