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Thought Leadership

The Business Value of Design

The business value of design is undeniable. Design thinking not only enables brands to empower their users and potential users, but it also helps organizations become laser focused on vision, goals and forward momentum.

Design Thinking is Comprehensive

Although often confused with simple aesthetics, Design not only encompasses the visual, but also strategy, process, critical thinking, user experience (UX), technology, usability, and so much more.

Design Thinking is Non-Linear

Design Thinking involves 5 stages, which are non-linear, and always unique:  Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test. A Design relationship is never complete at launch; it is just the beginning.

Businesses that Practice Design Thinking are Successful

The business value of design is undeniable. Companies that practice design thinking are more strategic, systematic, pragmatic, efficient, and are ultimately more profitable. Efficiency provides more time to focus on mission and goals.

Design Thinking Pivots with Discovery and Education

A request for Design cannot be reduced to a bulleted list, as what constitutes the proper questions to ask are not even known, prior to research and strategy. Discovery is one of the most valuable aspects of a true Design process.

A Good Design Team is an Embedded Partner

A good design team is a partner, an ally for deep thinking, those who will speak up when important decisions are to be made, caring about all user groups and their universal right for accessibility and usability.  A true designer will push project boundaries as opportunities present themselves, and most importantly, a good partner will question what has been previously accepted as unchanging.

Two clients with the same request (in a similar vertical) will result in totally different outcomes- outcomes that suit their individual missions and goals.

Design is a Moving Target

Design is a moving target. Design is not a beginning (or an end). The internet will mature. Your business will mature. New opportunities will arise. Data will present itself with discovery.

These factors make finding the right partner paramount, as a true design partnership is long lasting.

Go Beyond What is Known

Bright Bright Great will always go beyond the ask, look deeper into the RFP. Let’s push further, learn, discover, and go beyond what is known to solve real problems.

If that is what you are looking for, we would be honored to partner together. We’d love to speak with you! Email to get a conversation started.