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Bright Bright Great Participating in the Hotel of Tomorrow Project

“Bright Bright Great could not be more proud to be working with The Gettys Group and amazing global innovators from Disney to Hilton, working to reimagine hospitality’s challenges during COVID-19. This is a great opportunity for the BBG design and innovation team members to jump in and ideate with industry leaders. BBG is also acting as the design and development partner for the HoT digital experience.”

Jason Schwartz, Creative Director, Partner
About the Hotel of Tomorrow

Hotel of Tomorrow 2020 Press Release

The Gettys Group Relaunches The Hotel of Tomorrow® Project, Uniting Global Innovators to Solve Hospitality’s COVID-19 Challenges Chicago, Illinois — In response to the unique challenges facing hotels, restaurants, and travel in the era of COVID-19.

The Gettys Group relaunched The Hotel of Tomorrow® Project—a reframed version of the industry-leading think tank they founded in 2003 to unite brands, designers, manufacturers, owners, and operators in elevating and transforming the hospitality industry in the near and more distant future.

The forum has been updated to fit the world’s new remote reality, using collaboration platform Batterii to connect participants from around the world to develop, refine, and visualize their concepts before sharing virtual prototypes for consumer testing.

Over 250 participants bring diverse areas of expertise from a variety of companies and institutions—including owners, operators, research institutions, designers, and tech companies. In cross-industry teams, they are re-examining every component of hospitality—from consumer-facing messaging to technology integration—for all points of the new guest experience journey.

“Ideas collide and combine in meaningful ways when people with diverse perspectives collaborate,”

“In September, we will share concepts that have been envisioned by the industry, refined by experts and vetted by guests, brands, designers, manufacturers, and more—everyone who has a stake in the future of hospitality.”

Ron Swidler, Chief Innovation Officer of The Gettys Group,

About The Gettys Group

The Gettys Group is a family of hospitality-focused companies dedicated to creating the inspired moments that stay with guests and the defined details that enrich brands. For more than 30 years, they’ve guided developers, operators and brands in the creation of meaningful and rewarding hospitality experiences around the world.

Whether they’re designing interiors for all tiers of the chain scale, directing program management for new developments, launching exciting brands or demystifying the procurement process—they elevate and transform, make things easy and create value. For more information, please visit

The Hotel of Tomorrow Website

To learn more visit the Hotel of Tomorrow website. Design and Development, Bright Bright Great, 2020.