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Behind the Scenes

Welcome to the New BBGX-23 Website

The team at Bright Bright Great is thrilled to unveil our newest and most personal website endeavor: our own. As an agency that focuses heavily on UX, brand and accessibility, Bright Bright Great has a responsibility to put forth a site that embodies the innovation, attention-to-detail, and accessibility that we provide to our clients. Our old site did this too, but we wanted to make a new one. We are very excited to present a version of our website that is ready to soar above the clouds. Exceeding expectations. (Insert eagle sound effect.)

“It was important to make a site that has a phone number and email address so that interested potential clients, or really anyone could contact us.”

Jason Schwartz, Creative Director

What’s new?


BBG has come a long way in 15 years. The core technologies we work with have matured. Technology has come a long way in 15 years. Even our goals for making a site has changed. Our focus on what makes a site clean, clear and simple has refined. Our focus has always been to create fun and engaging digital experiences, but we want you the visitor of the site to learn about who we are, what we do, how we have helped past clients and how we can help you!

(If you are looking for a UX, brand, and digital partner email us!

Styling Updates

Let’s talk about our wonderful BBG-vatars created by the awesome illustrator Grayson Evans. Also we’ve moved to a nice pastel flow. We feel everyone needs a little zen in 2023. 🙂

Little Jerry

We know, we know. You’ve never wanted to click something faster in your entire life. Lucky for you, when you think you’re ready to begin a project, our little pooch friend will be happy to direct you to the proper spot on our website or to the proper e-mail to get things started.

“Little Jerry’s name was originally Perry. Then it was Gary. I don’t think he noticed. He is equal parts stinky and sweet.”

Tommy, Best friend and caretaker of Little Jerry