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Cards Against Humanity’s 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit Front Page of Reddit & AdWeek

12 Christmas Presents for $12 Sounds Like a Whole Lot of B.S., and It IsCards Against Humanity’s holiday stunt By Rebecca Cullers. You’re not going to believe this bullshit. Cards Against Humanity created this holiday promotion called Holiday Bullshit, where they promised to send anyone 12 random gifts for $12.

And they sold out of their 100,000 spaces in less than a day with zero advertising and zero guarantee that you’ll get anything halfway decent. Now that is some brand trust. If you’re unfamiliar with CAH, it’s a foul card game that was kickstarted back in 2011 and quickly became a party-game sensation.

Last year, CAH created a pay-what-you-want expansion that generated $70,000 for Wikimedia. This year, they have this bullshit. Cards Against Humanity Co-founder Max Temkin explained the reason for the season to Wired: “We’re a very small, independent company, so it’s hard for us to compete for attention during the holidays, when all the huge companies spend millions of dollars doing all kinds of crazy advertising.

So, we always like to come up with something kind of clever and kind of weird and kind of dumb, just to remind people that we exist around the holidays.” Clever, weird and dumb are all great words to describe the accompanying video, website and not-to-be-missed FAQ.

Of course, to coordinate an effort this herculean, they had to limit the number of receivers, so sorry for all you suckers who missed out. Gifts ship the first week of December. I’ll let you guys know how awesome mine are once I get them. CAH assures me that if I don’t like them, it just means my expectations for the quality of my life are too high.