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Design Summer Sessions Episode 3: Momentum

YouTube video Design Summer Sessions: Episode 3: Momentum

Episode 3: Momentum

In this episode of Design Summer Sessions, Jason, Josh, and Juan discuss Momentum.

What is Design Summer Sessions?

Design Summer Series is an educational video series that explores high-level design concepts, encompassing topics from drive and time, to slightly more broad topics like career momentum. Led by designer Juan Pantoja and Bright Bright Great Creative Director and Partner Jason Schwartz—including industry expert special guests—the series equips aspiring designers with comprehensive insights to enhance their skills and approach design challenges confidently.

You can view the full series on YouTube: Design Summer Sessions

Jason Schwartz

Creative Director, Partner Bright Bright Great
Jason Schwartz LinkedIn

Juan Pantoja

Freelance Designer
Juan Pantoja LinkedIn

Josh Tsui

Freelance Designer
Josh Tsui LinkedIn

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