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Behind the Scenes

Lyndsey Middendorf Joins Bright Bright Great as Project Manager

Lyndsey joins Bright Bright Great bringing a wide range of experience from both the technical and creative side of the industry and enjoys helping a project move seamlessly through all stages from kickoff, strategic brainstorming to completion, providing ongoing support.

Why did you join Bright Bright Great?

I stumbled upon BBG while browsing LinkedIn and was instantly impressed with the combination of effective, engaging visual content paired with well-researched and informed strategy.

It was clear in BBG’s work and process that they understood the importance of the marriage between creative and technical aspects of this space. Throughout our conversations thereafter, the success of their work made more sense with each new team member I met, as each one was just as talented as the next.

This made me very excited at the thought of being able to work alongside such impressive creatives and professionals, so when the opportunity arose, I was excited to join the team.

What do you look forward to bringing to the team and to client relationships?

I strive to create an environment in which my colleagues feel like we’re on a team together, supporting each other every step of the way and knowing I am always there to step up and help whenever needed. When it comes to the client, I want them to feel part of the team as well.

I look forward to building relationships both internally and externally where everyone feels heard, supported and understood.

Any last thoughts?

I am very excited to get started with the team and our incredible clients. It’s an exciting time in the digital world, so I look forward to being part of some really neat projects and continuing to push the envelope.