November 15, 2017

Jason Schwartz

Cabin Fever – BBG Retreat 2017

The BBG team headed to Saugatauk, in Eastern MI for a lock-in. To explore where BBG is headed in 2018 and beyond as well as prepare for our BBG X website launching early next year.


  1. This was a cabin in the middle of nowhere.
  2. Every restaurant in Saugatauk advised us “not to get the special”
  3. We spent many hours by a fireplace.
  4. The back of our cabin lead to a trail bringing up thoughts from Creepshow 2’s “The Raft.”
  5. We watched Riverdale and drank wine.
  6. Less vomit than our retreat to Cedar Point.
  7. Avondale Shrimp Co. was born.

Some of our favorites from our cabin adventure.

Amy Schwartz Creative Director
Ken Barrios Developer
Amy Schwartz Bright Bright Great
Kara Shim
Mack Freemire and Kara Shim Designer
Tiffany Stoik and Kara Shim
Mackenzie Freemire Amy Schwartz Jeanne Henry
Jason Schwartz Ken Barrios
Jason Schwartz
Fireside with Jason Schwartz
Jeanne Henry Project Manager