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Awards & Recognition

Ad World Masters Awards Agency of the Year 2022 Silver to BBG

As the dawn of 2023 breaks, Ad World Masters proudly unveils its highly coveted “Agency of the Year 2022”.

Our stringent criteria and meticulous evaluation of each agency have been compiled into a ranking of the most exceptional agencies in the world.

Agency of the Year 2022

Agency of the Year 2022 is a unique digital competition by Ad World Masters, in which agencies are rewarded according to big data, the core of ADWM. A total of over 160 data points per agency has been processed by an AI algorithm in order to calculate the Agency Score, the quintessence of this data, and provide an outlook on the agency’s potential.

About Ad World Masters

We work to improve agency discoverability for marketers and agencies worldwide, so you spend less time looking for partners or prospecting for clients and more time collaborating. By bringing data and technology together, we are building the world’s largest agency ranking.

We aim to represent and rank agencies’ relative potentials in a meaningful way. Today, data gives us access to unprecedented levels of understanding. But while it seems limitless and powerful, data is also meaningless if a wide variety of other factors are not considered. Ad World Masters’ AI algorithms integrate both digital and analog data that has been thoroughly verified to score and rank agencies according to their true potential.

Being familiar with marketing and advertising agencies’ competitive landscapes, we know that identifying agencies can be difficult. Looking for specific expertise, proven experience, and the right fit—either for a one-off project or a long-term relationship—is critical for businesses. We want to ease the agency recruitment process to accelerate collaboration between clients and agencies.

About Bright Bright Great

Bright Bright Great is a design–thinking, branding and UX studio creating digital products and experiences that push boundaries.

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