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Behind the Scenes

Hyunmin Kim Joins Avondale Type Co. as Type Apprentice

Hyunmin “Mina” Kim joins Bright Bright Great’s type foundry Avondale Type Co. from the Graphic Design department at RISD where she just completed her sophomore year focusing on editorial design, branding and type design. Mina will be working with the ATC team as we top-secretly remaster all of our typefaces in 2024 and restart ATC’s voice on the internet as we have been fairly quiet over the last two years.

Mina Kim
Hyunmin Kim, RISD

You can learn more about Mina at her website →

What do you hope to learn during your ATC apprenticeship?

I want to immerse myself in the dynamic creative environment and contribute to ongoing projects. I aspire to learn from professionals, gain insights into the industry’s practices, and refine my design skills.

What is your favorite part of design?

I love when the design tells stories through compelling and impactful visualizations. I want to help others find their voice and connect with their audiences.

What interests you about typography?

I believe typography is a crucial part of endowing human language. Typography intensifies the voice of the story.

Typography is like musical performances, capable of giving similar nourishment and pleasure in return.

Robert Bringhurst, The Elements of Typographic Style

What foundries are inspiring you right now?

Dinamo is one of the type foundries that inspires me a lot. It is interesting to see their dedication to transform type into tangible objects. 

What is your favorite font at the moment and why?

I love Neue Haas Grotesk because of its’ versatility. It is legible, clean, strong, and bold. 

What inspires you outside of design and typography?

I love taking walks. Whenever I visit different cities, I enjoy observing their architecture, nature, and colors. (Of course, It’s inspiring to see the cities’ signage, typography, and posters!) 

What do you look forward to bring to the team?

As a graphic design intern, I look forward to bringing fresh, creative ideas to the team. I hope my unique perspective as a newcomer to the industry can inspire design solutions. 

What are your career goals? (I think this may be early, but what does your future hold?)

I wish to love my work. I don’t want to create something meaningless or repetitive. 

What is your favorite soup?

Clam chowder!