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Custom Typeface Design ATC Showpad

ATC Showpad ATC Arquette Custom Typeface & Licensing

Bright Bright Great and the Avondale Type Co. team collaborated on creating a unique custom cut of ATC’s highly popular ATC Arquette to create ATC Showpad, for Showpad, a Netherlands-based marketing and sales technology company.

“This was an important modification to an already excellent typeface to align more closely with corporate brand.” said Jason Schwartz, Operating Director.

ATC Showpad ATC Arquette Custom Typeface & Licensing


More importantly than the aesthetic change in various characters, the unique licensing created for Showpad allowed for global usage in an unlimited number of mediums, critical as the company continues to grow at an aggressive pace.

ATC Arquette, most popular sans serif typeface
Avondale Type Co., type foundry Chicago

About Showpad:

Sell the way buyers want to buy
Our mission is to empower sales and marketing to sell the way buyers want to buy. We deliver on this mission by providing training and coaching solutions that transform sellers into trusted advisors and by making it easy for sales and marketing teams to deliver the right content and the right experience to buyers. That way, buyers can buy smarter — and faster.

Custom Typeface Creation and Licensing

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Jason Schwartz

Avondale Type Co. Typeface ATC Arquette Chosen As Corporate Typeface for Strata, A Comcast Company

Avondale Type Co.






March 8, 2017

Contact: Jason Schwartz, Creative Director
Avondale Type Co.

ATC Arquette Chosen As Corporate Typeface for Strata, a Comcast Company

Chicago, IL – The Avondale Type Co. typeface ATC Arquette has been chosen by Strata, a Comcast Company that powers 25% of all U.S. media spend (over $50 billion annually), for all corporate communications and products for both the Strata and Adazzle (UK) brands.

ATC Arquette, was created by Alex Sheyn in 2016 for Avondale Type Co. as a geometric sans serif font with over 400 glyphs, standard ligatures, 7 weights and 14 styles including italics. ATC Arquette supports over 85 languages including English, French & German.

For additional information about Avondale Type Co. please contact Jason Schwartz at 773-647-1034, or visit the website at

About Strata

Strata is the industry leading provider of media buying systems powering over 1,200 media buying agencies and in-house advertisers. The Strata platform delivers a complete agency stewardship system for all media, including Spot Cable, TV and Radio, National Cable and TV, Digital (Display/ Mobile / Search / Social), Streaming / Online Video and Audio, Print, OOH. That equates to over 7,500 media buyers in the U.S. and Europe that rely of Strata to effectively manage their business.

About Avondale Type Co.

Founded in 2013 and located in Chicago, IL, Avondale Type Co. is a focused team of type designers looking to create typographic solutions and faces for digital and print needs. Our mission is to create type solutions for companies of all sizes and for unique needs.


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BBG is 10 Years Old!

Bright Bright Great 10 Years Old

A quick note from our Creative Director:

In January, Bright Bright Great turned 10 years old.

Starting as our my personal freelance moniker in 2007, BBG has grown to a multi-million dollar adventure, serving clients around the world and producing amazing creative and tech for all those we have worked with.

It’s been an amazing ride so far and we aren’t planning to quit anytime soon. Thanks to everyone for the support and exciting projects we’ve been a part of over the last decade. Our journey continues.

Jason Schwartz
Creative Director, Founder

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Jason Schwartz

New Work: Great Lakes Home

Bright Bright Great is delighted to announce the launch of Great Lakes Home’s e-commerce store. BBG created a wholistic brand and e-commerce website for Great Lakes Home as they open their first physical location at 2005 S Halsted in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood.

The goal from the outset of the project was to create a brand that at once felt lived-in and modern, a visual complement to the tagline “Historical Modern.” The brand aesthetic centered around a mysterious sea monster and a ghostly ship captain; our challenge was to build a narrative around that story that also rooted the company in the handmade home goods that the company is selling. This process started with constructing a narrative around a fictional family that encompassed what the brand was trying to capture in terms of their overall aesthetic, sense of place in the Upper Midwest, and general personality.

Great Lakes Home Brand BBG

From there, we set about building the e-commerce experience on Shopify. Starting with the blueprint of a house, we built the navigation structure around the idea of furnishing the rooms of one’s home, employing Avondale Type Co.‘s ATC Harris typeface to reinforce the architectural sensibility. This helps the store to make a statement about objects that visitors might find unusual, and helps users to shop specifically by the room they are intending to furnish. We also had the pleasure of working with Anna Knott and Nathan Kirkman from Camera Department, who provided beautiful photographs with which to populate the site and store.

The finished product is a beautiful website and brand that pays homage to the ideas that laid the groundwork for the store while providing an exciting and highly-immersive online shopping experience. We’re thrilled to have been a part of this project and we’re excited to get started on the hard work of promoting and growing the brand alongside the team at Great Lakes Home in the months and years to come!












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New Work: Announcing the New Avondale Type Co Website

Bright Bright Great is proud to announce the new and improved Avondale Type Co. website! We completely overhauled the site, starting with an updated brand identity, adding in new features and functionality to make shopping for typefaces easier than ever before.

Avondale Type Co. 2.0 Site Launch

Among the new features are:


We’ve added the second-most requested feature, the ability to test out our fonts on the site, allowing users to get a better feel for each typeface before committing to a purchase.

Take a typeface for a spin on the new Avondale Type Co type tester.



In addition to the type tester, we’ve also added user accounts. Users now have the ability to log in and find previously purchased faces, view and update billing and shipping information, and more.

Create your very own Avondale Type Co. account today!



One of Avondale Type Co.’s most exciting side-hustles since the start has been the ATC Artist Series, where Avondale Type Co.’s favorite artists and illustrators from around the world to create their initials, one symbol, and the ATC logo as they see fit.

ATC Artist Series 1 saw amazing artists such as Julien Poisson, Jetpacks & Rollerskates, Sishir Bommakanti, Joseph Alessio, Ana Benaroya, Blasto Uno, Lou Medel, Josh Lafayette, Ryan Troy Ford, Samantha Dion Baker, and more.


We hope the new more humanistic approach to the site will help underscore the hard work (by real people!) that goes into making the beautiful typefaces we all use every day in our work for ourselves and our clients.

ATC 2.0 Index Page

Codex Promotional Graphic

Duel Promotional Graphic

Saturn Promotional Graphic

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Avondale Type Co. Brand Refresh 2016

Avondale Type Co. Banner

Established in 2013, Avondale Type Co. is a design-oriented type foundry based in the Avondale neighborhood of Chicago. ATC’s main goal is to create a community where creatives who share a passion for typography can find the tools they need to solve design problems.

The new brand identity represents a step forward for ATC as they prepare for a busy year of creating and promoting a host of new typefaces and begin work on redesigning their website and e-commerce experience for 2016.

This brand will extend into the new digital experience set to launch June 1 of this year.

Visit Avondale Type Co. or see the new logomark and style in action on Avondale Type Co.’s Instagram.


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Avondale Type Co.’s ATC Ripley Lends Style to K-Swiss’ ‘The Board’ Campaign

With a massive thanks to our friends at The Designers’ Foundry for the assist, we were stoked to find Avondale Type Co.‘s very own ATC Ripley adorning K-Swiss’ new The Board social campaign.

The Board campaign centers around 100 of the most creative entrepreneurs, hand-selected by K-Swiss and famed DJ Diplo, who will help lend their sensibility and style to projects designed to advance and promote the K-Swiss brand.

A photo posted by K-Swiss (@kswissofficial) on

A photo posted by K-Swiss (@kswissofficial) on

We’re thrilled to see what new concepts come from The Board’s work and stoked that ATC Ripley was able to lend some flair to the brand. You can download ATC Ripley for yourself on Avondale Type Co.’s website.

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Avondale Type Co. Artist Series 1 – Summer 2014

Ana Benaroya A_social_Anabenaroya B_social_AnaBenaroya Logo_social_AnaBenaroya

Bright Bright Great is excited to announce the launch of our ATC Artist Series 1 through our type foundry Avondale Type Co.

Artist Series 1: Ana Benaroya, Samantha Dion Baker, Lou Medel, Trish Garcia, Pablo Tradacete, Ed Dufill, Rachael Elwell, Yoann Fournier & more.

Limited edition screen prints to launch late Summer 2014.

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Blast One Coming to Bright Bright Great

Bright Bright Great is excited to open our new studio for the first time and we’d love for you to come celebrate with us and view some new art being done for our office.

Blast One is a Mexican street artist based in Monterey, Mexico and friend of our creative director, Jason Schwartz. We’re thrilled to have him contributing a couple of pieces to the Bright Bright Great workspace. Come meet him, mingle with cool people, and maybe even go home with some awesome new art for your home.

Blast will be selling 4 limited-edition event screenprints on-site and finishing his new work for the BBG office. See more of his work below.

Red and White Mural by Blast One Figure and text mural Skeleton mural by Blast One Blast One Hand Mural

Space is limited so we have a hard ticket limit. No one will be let in without either being on BBG’s list, or having an Eventbrite ticket. Questions? Check out the FAQs below or send us an email at

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Behind The Scenes – Making Of The Avondale Type Co. ATC Rosemary Screenprint


A sneak peek into the creation of our type foundry Avondale Type Co.’s recent Rosemary Specimen Screenprint – Chicago Codes from screen burning through printing and pulling. Extra special thanks to Delicious Design League, Metavari, French Paper Co. & Blick.

You can still purchase a few of the remaining posters here…

Filmed with:
Canon 6D
EF 24-105mm F/4L IS
EF 50mm F/1.4

Music: Kings Die Like Other Men by Metavari (

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