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Cranbrook Academy of Art Announces Class of 2021 Online Graduate Exhibition

Cranbrook Academy of Art Graduate Online Exhibition

Cranbrook Academy of Art has announced their 2021 Online Graduate Student Degree Exhibition, utilizing the Bright Bright Great digital platform created for the graduating class in 2020.

As the pandemic has altered the graduation experience for all schools, BBG was tasked with creating a portal for graduate students to present work, interested patrons to connect with students, and share a sense of the community at Cranbrook throughout the year. View the 2021 Cranbrook Academy of Art Online Graduate Exhibition.

Passionate Advocates for Artistic Impact

As passionate advocates for education and artist representation, BBG designed the online exhibition to not only display the beautiful art of these 64 students, but also as a way to amplify the artists themselves. Highlighted on Cranbrook’s press release, “the site features a page dedicated to each student and a gallery of their work.There is also contact information, allowing others to reach out to the graduates for commissions, exhibitions, job opportunities, sales, and more.”

It was important for BBG to deliver a design and template that Cranbrook can use for many exhibitions to come, and we cannot wait to see these artists’ journeys after graduation!

Silent Messenger "it could be worse" , 2021. Mobile construction display
Silent Messenger “it could be worse” , 2021. Mobile construction display

About Cranbrook Academy of Art

Cranbrook Academy of Art offers a rigorous studio-based practice, informed by intensive and regular critique, and the opportunity to observe and work with leading practitioners in their own studios. Learn more about Cranbrook Academy of Art.

Sam Dienst Meshscape 02 Yarn. 92" x 62"
 Sam Dienst Meshscape 02 Yarn. 92″ x 62″

Design For Education

Bright Bright Great worked with Cranbrook Academy of Art to refine their digital presence in 2019 and has worked with Techsmart, a Python educational track for elementary, secondary and high school education, as well as University of Chicago’s Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

View BBG’s Digital Overhaul for Cranbrook Academy of Art