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Awards & Recognition

BBG Recognized by Clutch as Top B2B Global Design Provider 2021

The Bright Bright Great team is proud to share that we’ve been named as one of the 2021 Clutch Top B2B Global B2B Companies.

Clutch is an online reviews platform that’s based in Washington DC. They primarily serve the B2B industry by using a unique verification process that acts as a baseline for their research. This process first allows them to determine the authenticity of the information being sent to them for publishing.

As we continue to help our B2B clients recognize their digital vision, it needs to be said that we have only received this recognition due to our amazing B2B partners. We appreciate you working through the high-level goals with us.

Jason Schwartz, Creative Director, Partner, Bright Bright Great
Clutch Top B2B Companies Global 2021

About Clutch

Once published, these reviews are used as the benchmark for helping Clutch determine the top-performing companies in every industry from all over the world. However, it doesn’t stop there. While Clutch’s research list is already an exclusive group of high-quality businesses. But the Clutch Global 1000 is a completely different beast altogether.

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