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Custom Typeface Design ATC Showpad

ATC Showpad ATC Arquette Custom Typeface & Licensing

Bright Bright Great and Avondale Type Co. have collaborated to create a unique custom cut of ATC’s highly popular ATC Arquette, creating ATC Showpad, for Showpad.

Showpad is a Netherlands-based marketing and sales technology company.

“This was an important modification to an already excellent typeface to align more closely with corporate brand.” said Jason Schwartz, Managing Director

ATC Showpad ATC Arquette Sample of Custom Typeface

Showpad Website using ATC Showpad

More importantly than the aesthetic change in various characters, this custom typeface utilized unique licensing which allowed for global usage in an unlimited number of mediums. This was critical as the company continues to grow at an aggressive pace and requires flexibility in licensing.

ATC Arquette, most popular sans serif typeface

About Showpad:

Our mission is to empower sales and marketing to sell the way buyers want to buy. We deliver by providing training and coaching solutions that transform sellers into trusted advisors and by making it easy for sales and marketing teams to deliver the right content and the right experience to buyers. That way, buyers can buy smarter — and faster.

About Avondale Type Co.:

Avondale Type Co. is a Chicago-based team of type designers who make custom typefaces with flexible licensing for corporate needs. All ATC fonts are web-safe and ATC offers flexible licensing for any and all usage from print and digital through broadcast.

Custom Typeface Creation and Flexible Licensing

Related: Bright Bright Great has partnered with Comcast’s Chicag0-based Strata for licensing of ATC Arquette

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Jason Schwartz

Avondale Type Co. Typeface ATC Arquette Chosen As Corporate Typeface for Strata, A Comcast Company

Avondale Type Co.






March 8, 2017

Contact: Jason Schwartz, Creative Director
Avondale Type Co.

ATC Arquette Chosen As Corporate Typeface for Strata, a Comcast Company

Chicago, IL – The Avondale Type Co. typeface ATC Arquette has been chosen by Strata, a Comcast Company that powers 25% of all U.S. media spend (over $50 billion annually), for all corporate communications and products for both the Strata and Adazzle (UK) brands.

ATC Arquette, was created by Alex Sheyn in 2016 for Avondale Type Co. as a geometric sans serif font with over 400 glyphs, standard ligatures, 7 weights and 14 styles including italics. ATC Arquette supports over 85 languages including English, French & German.

For additional information about Avondale Type Co. please contact Jason Schwartz at 773-647-1034, or visit the website at

About Strata

Strata is the industry leading provider of media buying systems powering over 1,200 media buying agencies and in-house advertisers. The Strata platform delivers a complete agency stewardship system for all media, including Spot Cable, TV and Radio, National Cable and TV, Digital (Display/ Mobile / Search / Social), Streaming / Online Video and Audio, Print, OOH. That equates to over 7,500 media buyers in the U.S. and Europe that rely of Strata to effectively manage their business.

About Avondale Type Co.

Founded in 2013 and located in Chicago, IL, Avondale Type Co. is a focused team of type designers looking to create typographic solutions and faces for digital and print needs. Our mission is to create type solutions for companies of all sizes and for unique needs.


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Jason Schwartz

New Work: Great Lakes Home

Bright Bright Great is delighted to announce the launch of Great Lakes Home’s e-commerce store. BBG created a wholistic brand and e-commerce website for Great Lakes Home as they open their first physical location at 2005 S Halsted in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood.

The goal from the outset of the project was to create a brand that at once felt lived-in and modern, a visual complement to the tagline “Historical Modern.” The brand aesthetic centered around a mysterious sea monster and a ghostly ship captain; our challenge was to build a narrative around that story that also rooted the company in the handmade home goods that the company is selling. This process started with constructing a narrative around a fictional family that encompassed what the brand was trying to capture in terms of their overall aesthetic, sense of place in the Upper Midwest, and general personality.

Great Lakes Home Brand BBG

From there, we set about building the e-commerce experience on Shopify. Starting with the blueprint of a house, we built the navigation structure around the idea of furnishing the rooms of one’s home, employing Avondale Type Co.‘s ATC Harris typeface to reinforce the architectural sensibility. This helps the store to make a statement about objects that visitors might find unusual, and helps users to shop specifically by the room they are intending to furnish. We also had the pleasure of working with Anna Knott and Nathan Kirkman from Camera Department, who provided beautiful photographs with which to populate the site and store.

The finished product is a beautiful website and brand that pays homage to the ideas that laid the groundwork for the store while providing an exciting and highly-immersive online shopping experience. We’re thrilled to have been a part of this project and we’re excited to get started on the hard work of promoting and growing the brand alongside the team at Great Lakes Home in the months and years to come!












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Jason Schwartz

New Work: Announcing the New Avondale Type Co Website

Bright Bright Great is proud to announce the new and improved Avondale Type Co. website! We completely overhauled the site, starting with an updated brand identity, adding in new features and functionality to make shopping for typefaces easier than ever before.

Avondale Type Co. 2.0 Site Launch

Among the new features are:


We’ve added the second-most requested feature, the ability to test out our fonts on the site, allowing users to get a better feel for each typeface before committing to a purchase.

Take a typeface for a spin on the new Avondale Type Co type tester.



In addition to the type tester, we’ve also added user accounts. Users now have the ability to log in and find previously purchased faces, view and update billing and shipping information, and more.

Create your very own Avondale Type Co. account today!



One of Avondale Type Co.’s most exciting side-hustles since the start has been the ATC Artist Series, where Avondale Type Co.’s favorite artists and illustrators from around the world to create their initials, one symbol, and the ATC logo as they see fit.

ATC Artist Series 1 saw amazing artists such as Julien Poisson, Jetpacks & Rollerskates, Sishir Bommakanti, Joseph Alessio, Ana Benaroya, Blasto Uno, Lou Medel, Josh Lafayette, Ryan Troy Ford, Samantha Dion Baker, and more.


We hope the new more humanistic approach to the site will help underscore the hard work (by real people!) that goes into making the beautiful typefaces we all use every day in our work for ourselves and our clients.

ATC 2.0 Index Page

Codex Promotional Graphic

Duel Promotional Graphic

Saturn Promotional Graphic

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Jason Schwartz

New Work: Philo Broadcasting Becomes Philo Media

BBG is proud to announce the launch of Philo Media’s updated brand, web presence, and internal and external documents.

With a name harkening back to the man who invented the first video camera tube, Philo Farnsworth, Philo Media was one of the first to help advertisers create compelling, branded content specifically for a web-based audience. Today they’re one of the few in their space that supports the entire distribution process for their clients.

From the start, it was clear that the team at Philo Media is dedicated to making the highest-quality product that they can with meticulous attention to detail. With that in mind, we set out to create a new logo and brand identity that accurately reflected Philo’s status as a company that is almost pathologically innovative while also one of the longest-tenured firms in their field.


Philo Media Static Index



What we arrived at is a marriage of modern lines and type treatments, beautiful photography, and a largely refined and restrained color palette with pops of lively color and texture. The result is a compelling picture of a group that tells compelling stories for a living.


Philo Media - Mobile


Philo Media - About Crop


Philo Media - Case Study Crop


Philo Media - Case Study Crop

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Jason Schwartz

Announcing the BBG Business of Design Series with Next Door Café

BBG Next Door 1920 We are thrilled to announce the start of our BBG Design Series partnership with Next Door Café® this June, with continuing classes through the Fall. The BBG Design Series will be a 5-part discussion centered on answering important questions for both creatives and the businesses who hire them. Space is limited so sign up for our first session while you can: What Can Design Do For You? Monday June 23rd, 6:30-7:30 PM Presented with Next Door Café® (659 W Diversey)

While future dates are tentative, other classes will include:

July 22nd – 6:30 pm
Us WITH Them: How Creatives & Business Owners Can Work Better Together

August 25th – 6:30 pm
The Elements of Style: How Aesthetic Choices Influence Brand Perception

September 23rd – 6:30 pm
The Goldilocks Effect: How Do I Find The Right Creative Partner?”

October 21st – 6:30 pm
The Secret Handshake Accounting for Creatives & Freelancers

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BBG Design Awards

Bright Bright Great picked up 2 2014 Communicator Awards “Awards of Excellence” IE Gold one for Best Viral VideoCards Against Humanity A Lump of Coal and one for Interactive Visual Appeal for The Secret Handshake.

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Avondale Type Co. Artist Series 1 – Summer 2014

Ana Benaroya A_social_Anabenaroya B_social_AnaBenaroya Logo_social_AnaBenaroya

Bright Bright Great is excited to announce the launch of our ATC Artist Series 1 through our type foundry Avondale Type Co.

Artist Series 1: Ana Benaroya, Samantha Dion Baker, Lou Medel, Trish Garcia, Pablo Tradacete, Ed Dufill, Rachael Elwell, Yoann Fournier & more.

Limited edition screen prints to launch late Summer 2014.

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Jason Schwartz

New Work: Holiday Bullshit by Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 1


Bright Bright Great worked with Chicago-based Cards Against Humanity, the #1 selling game on Amazon, to create holiday creative around their “12 Days of Holiday Bullshit” promotion. The promotion asked consumers to pay $12 in exchange for receiving 12 mystery items over 12 days in the mail.

The promotion sold out 100,000 slots in 7 hours.


Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 2


Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 4Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 9Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 3






Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 6Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 5Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 7Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 8



Photography + Set Dressing

Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 11Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 12Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 14Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 15


Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 16


Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 17



Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 10


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