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KIWI arts GROUP 2020 Reimagining

Bright Bright Great is excited to share the new brand experience for KIWI arts Group.

KIWI arts GROUP is a publishing house featuring the renowned American photographer William John Kennedy and his historic collection of Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana photographs.

K.I.W.I stands for Kennedy Indiana Warhol Initiative. Established in the UK and the USA. KIWI now represents five extraordinary, award-winning multidisciplinary artists. Kiwi Arts Group was founded in 2010 to serve as an exclusive William John Kennedy archive photographed in the early 1960s at a time when Kennedy forged a friendship with both Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana. The images capture the two artists in an unprecedented way with their soon-to-be iconic works at the seminal point of their careers and birth of the Pop Art movement.

KIWI arts Group designKIWI arts Group design KIWI arts Group KIWI arts Group KIWI arts Group KIWI arts Group design

About William John Kennedy

American photographer William John Kennedy (b.1930) is best known for his rare body of photographic work from the early 60s featuring Andy Warhol and the famed LOVE artist Robert Indiana, just as their careers were taking off. The collection of rare images laid in storage for nearly 50 years, never having been viewed by the public.

In 2010 a full-length documentary film, Full Circle: Before They Were Famous, was produced and aired on public television in the United States introducing the images to the world. The documentary has played for thousands at multiple venues to include The Andy Warhol Museum, The British Museum and many others. The film coincided with the introduction of this key body of photographs to the public by KIWI Arts Group during Art Basel Miami Beach in 2010, quickly becoming some of the most recognized and important images of Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana ever discovered.

The historical significance of Kennedy’s work with Andy Warhol to include Flowers, Self-Portrait, Marilyn, American Man, Race Riot and others have been recognized for their importance by the curator’s and director’s of the Andy Warhol Museum.

Today, the signature image Kennedy photographed in 1964 of Warhol holding the acetate used to make his Marilyn Monroe paintings stands over 4 meters tall as the focal point to the entry of the museum, and the complete Kennedy/Warhol Flowers series are part of the museum’s permanent collection. KIWI Arts Group collaborated with The Warhol Museum to create a special edition of 50 box sets that included five Kennedy images to raise funds for the museum, with the final set scheduled to be sold at Sotheby’s in the Fall of 2017.

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New Work: Paris312

Bright Bright Great is delighted to announce the launch of Paris312‘s e-commerce store. Paris312 is provider of high-quality party goods for those who want to add a little Parisian flair and elegance to their home entertaining.


As part of this project, BBG redesigned and developed the website on Shopify, designed custom illustrations, built product systems for Paris312’s local balloon delivery, party box, and party box concierge services, shot product and catalog photography, and provided guidance on SEO and brand strategy.





















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New Work: Announcing the New Avondale Type Co Website

Bright Bright Great is proud to announce the new and improved Avondale Type Co. website! We completely overhauled the site, starting with an updated brand identity, adding in new features and functionality to make shopping for typefaces easier than ever before.

Avondale Type Co. 2.0 Site Launch

Among the new features are:


We’ve added the second-most requested feature, the ability to test out our fonts on the site, allowing users to get a better feel for each typeface before committing to a purchase.

Take a typeface for a spin on the new Avondale Type Co type tester.



In addition to the type tester, we’ve also added user accounts. Users now have the ability to log in and find previously purchased faces, view and update billing and shipping information, and more.

Create your very own Avondale Type Co. account today!



One of Avondale Type Co.’s most exciting side-hustles since the start has been the ATC Artist Series, where Avondale Type Co.’s favorite artists and illustrators from around the world to create their initials, one symbol, and the ATC logo as they see fit.

ATC Artist Series 1 saw amazing artists such as Julien Poisson, Jetpacks & Rollerskates, Sishir Bommakanti, Joseph Alessio, Ana Benaroya, Blasto Uno, Lou Medel, Josh Lafayette, Ryan Troy Ford, Samantha Dion Baker, and more.


We hope the new more humanistic approach to the site will help underscore the hard work (by real people!) that goes into making the beautiful typefaces we all use every day in our work for ourselves and our clients.

ATC 2.0 Index Page

Codex Promotional Graphic

Duel Promotional Graphic

Saturn Promotional Graphic

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New Work: bb7

BBG is excited to announce the launch of bb7’s new website, company photography and revitalized brand. 
bb7 is a leading product design and development lab based in Madison, Wisconsin. The original Bjorksten Labs was founded in 1944 and merged with Bit 7 in 2000 to form what is now bb7.

As a part of this project, we refined bb7’s logomark and internally branded documents and redesigned their website including custom iconography to provide structure and clarity to the multitude of services that bb7 offers.

We also did a photoshoot of their products, their teams, and their office to give visitors a better perspective on exactly who bb7 is and what they do.
















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