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New Work: Paris312

Bright Bright Great is delighted to announce the launch of Paris312‘s e-commerce store. Paris312 is provider of high-quality party goods for those who want to add a little Parisian flair and elegance to their home entertaining.


As part of this project, BBG redesigned and developed the website on Shopify, designed custom illustrations, built product systems for Paris312’s local balloon delivery, party box, and party box concierge services, shot product and catalog photography, and provided guidance on SEO and brand strategy.





















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Jason Schwartz

New Work: Amanecer Yacht

Bright Bright Great is proud to announce the launch of Amanecer Yacht’s new website,

Amanecer Yacht provides private, fully-customizable luxury yacht charter experiences for travelers in Puerto Vallarta, Punta Mita, and other locations along the Banderas Bay in Pacific Mexico.

In addition to art direction, design, development, and hosting of the new website, BBG also created Amanecer’s new brand and print materials, including business cards, menus, sales brochure and a custom icon and illustration style for both the web experience and Amanecer’s press materials.











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Jason Schwartz

New Work: Great Lakes Home

Bright Bright Great is delighted to announce the launch of Great Lakes Home’s e-commerce store. BBG created a wholistic brand and e-commerce website for Great Lakes Home as they open their first physical location at 2005 S Halsted in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood.

The goal from the outset of the project was to create a brand that at once felt lived-in and modern, a visual complement to the tagline “Historical Modern.” The brand aesthetic centered around a mysterious sea monster and a ghostly ship captain; our challenge was to build a narrative around that story that also rooted the company in the handmade home goods that the company is selling. This process started with constructing a narrative around a fictional family that encompassed what the brand was trying to capture in terms of their overall aesthetic, sense of place in the Upper Midwest, and general personality.

Great Lakes Home Brand BBG

From there, we set about building the e-commerce experience on Shopify. Starting with the blueprint of a house, we built the navigation structure around the idea of furnishing the rooms of one’s home, employing Avondale Type Co.‘s ATC Harris typeface to reinforce the architectural sensibility. This helps the store to make a statement about objects that visitors might find unusual, and helps users to shop specifically by the room they are intending to furnish. We also had the pleasure of working with Anna Knott and Nathan Kirkman from Camera Department, who provided beautiful photographs with which to populate the site and store.

The finished product is a beautiful website and brand that pays homage to the ideas that laid the groundwork for the store while providing an exciting and highly-immersive online shopping experience. We’re thrilled to have been a part of this project and we’re excited to get started on the hard work of promoting and growing the brand alongside the team at Great Lakes Home in the months and years to come!












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Jason Schwartz

New Work: HighTower Network

HighTower Advisors set out to return the field of financial advising to its roots: being true fiduciaries to their clients.


HighTower BBG Landing Page in Monitor


HighTower Skyline BBG Illustration


Building a network starts with a single person. Then a single partnership. After awhile, people start seeking you out to join.

In order to get their message out, and find like-minded financial advisors, HighTower enlisted BBG to help design a highly-targeted website to help recruit the best and highest-worth advisors in the country while maintaining an air of exclusivity via personalized touches and interactions.

This campaign included a microsite with numerous personalized touches that happen behind a passcode-ed wall, individualized booklets, and several rounds of ideation for personalized direct mail campaign pieces to drive people to use their passcode on the website.


HighTower BBG Landing Page FullHighTower BBG Internal PageHighTower BBG Data Page HighTower Assorted BBG pages

HighTower Skyline Illustration BBG Iterations

HighTower Direct Mail BBG Concept

HighTower Name Detail

HighTower Book Cover

HighTower Booklet Interior Full Spread

HighTower Booklet Page TemplateHighTower Booklet Spread DataHighTower Booklet Data IsoHighTower Booklet Table SpreadHighTower Awards Table

HighTower Network BBG Email Template

HighTower lock up

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Jason Schwartz

New Work: bb7

BBG is excited to announce the launch of bb7’s new website, company photography and revitalized brand. 
bb7 is a leading product design and development lab based in Madison, Wisconsin. The original Bjorksten Labs was founded in 1944 and merged with Bit 7 in 2000 to form what is now bb7.

As a part of this project, we refined bb7’s logomark and internally branded documents and redesigned their website including custom iconography to provide structure and clarity to the multitude of services that bb7 offers.

We also did a photoshoot of their products, their teams, and their office to give visitors a better perspective on exactly who bb7 is and what they do.
















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Jason Schwartz

The Secret Handshake 2015 Recap

The Secret Handshake recently wrapped up their 2015 conference at the Art Directors Club in Manhattan, New York and Bright Bright Great was there to help.

The Secret Handshake is an online advice tool for students and young designers who are looking for no-nonsense advice from creative professionals.

Art Directors Club

At the Art Directors Club we got to meet most, if not all, of the 200 attendees, the amazing volunteers who helped the event run smoothly and each of the inspiring speakers.

We had a great time and we want to thank The Secret Handshake team for another great event and everyone we talked to for making our trip to New York so fun!

TSH Agenda

TSH Crowd

Kayla Kern TSH

Ping Zhu TSH

Jen Mussari TSH

Sophia and Sharlene TSH

Shawna X TSH

Crowd TSH

Panel TSH

TSH Hugz

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Jason Schwartz

Bright Bright Great Joins The Secret Handshake in NYC

The BBG team recently went to New York City to help to run The Secret Handshake conference at the Art Directors Club in Manhattan.

It always recharges our batteries to help with these events and to get a little inspiration from the speakers, young professionals and students we meet.

jen and nick on plane

We had a great time meeting the 200 different attendees, some of whom came from as far away as Pakistan, and hearing each of the speakers’ perspectives on their work and experience.

A special thanks to Sharlene King (Senior Designer, Morningstar) who MC’d the event and to each and every one of the speakers who contributed to an amazing experience:


Jason at JFK

Alex and Vince

Nick in AirBnB

NYC Skyline


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Jason Schwartz

New Work: Lichter Realty

BBG is excited to announce the launch of Lichter Realty’s new website!

A family owned-business for more than 30 years (and our neighbors!), Lichter Realty isn’t just focused on revitalizing Chicago’s northwest side, but on expanding their family with every new tenant they get.

As part of this project we refined Lichter’s branding and color palette, designed a new art direction and web presence, and did photo shoots for their team and 10 of their spaces.

Lichter seal

Lichter homepage

Lichter properties

Lichter property search

Lichter icon sets

mobile lichter 2

Lichter dance space

Lichter restaurant

Lichter auto shop

Ray Lichter & Sir Charles

Sir Charles looks up Sir Charles done

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Jason Schwartz

In The Field – BBG Art Director Jen Hansen Speaks At Liminal Space’s “Designing at the Threshold”

BBG Art Director Jen Hansen, joined panelists Rachel Hyman, James T. Green, Anton Jeludkov & Morgan Walsh and moderator Amy Nicole Schwartz for an open discussion at Liminal Space’s “Designing at the Threshold.”

Designing at the Threshold: A panel-based discussion about experimentation and the boundaries of design. Panelists discussed the intersection of contemporary art and graphic design, balancing commercial work and personal work, the workings of their studio practice, and more.


Jen Hansen Bright Bright Great Art DIrector Liminal Space

The speaker panel getting ready at the Cards Against Humanity Theater.

Jen Hansen Liminal Space Designing at the Threshold

Anton Jeludkov comments to Jen Hansen Liminal Space Chicago’s Designing At The Threshold

Jen Hansen Liminal Space Designing at the Threshold

Jen Hansen speaks at Liminal Space Chicago’s Designing At The Threshold

Learn more about Liminal Space here.

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Jason Schwartz

Event Alert: BBG CD Jason Schwartz Speaking At Adobe’s Creative Jam Chicago

Adobe Creative Jam

Tuesday, April 9, 2015

7:00 PM to 9:30 PM
Adobe Creative Jam
Lacuna Artist Lofts
2150 S. Canalport Ave., Chicago, IL

Tickets are FREE and the event is open to the public.

Speakers: Chuck Anderson/NoPattern, Jason Schwartz of Bright Bright Great, Alisa Wolfson of Leo Burnett Department of Design and Sara Frisk of Uptake.

This one-hour design showcase highlights the work of 4 local creative leaders. Have any questions. Tweet them at Jason Schwartz.

At the same time, in the next room, 10 design teams will be competing in the Creative Jam tournament, a 3-hour design charrette showdown. Once the Creative Jam presentations wrap, tournament participants will take the stage to share their creations with you. As part of the audience, you’ll judge each submission and select the Grand Prize winner.

BBG Art Directors Jen Hansen & Alex Sheyn will be participating in the Creative Jam Tournament.

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Jason Schwartz