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KIWI arts GROUP 2020 Reimagining

Bright Bright Great is excited to share the new brand experience for KIWI arts Group.

KIWI arts GROUP is a publishing house featuring the renowned American photographer William John Kennedy and his historic collection of Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana photographs.

K.I.W.I stands for Kennedy Indiana Warhol Initiative. Established in the UK and the USA. KIWI now represents five extraordinary, award-winning multidisciplinary artists. Kiwi Arts Group was founded in 2010 to serve as an exclusive William John Kennedy archive photographed in the early 1960s at a time when Kennedy forged a friendship with both Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana. The images capture the two artists in an unprecedented way with their soon-to-be iconic works at the seminal point of their careers and birth of the Pop Art movement.

KIWI arts Group designKIWI arts Group design KIWI arts Group KIWI arts Group KIWI arts Group KIWI arts Group design

About William John Kennedy

American photographer William John Kennedy (b.1930) is best known for his rare body of photographic work from the early 60s featuring Andy Warhol and the famed LOVE artist Robert Indiana, just as their careers were taking off. The collection of rare images laid in storage for nearly 50 years, never having been viewed by the public.

In 2010 a full-length documentary film, Full Circle: Before They Were Famous, was produced and aired on public television in the United States introducing the images to the world. The documentary has played for thousands at multiple venues to include The Andy Warhol Museum, The British Museum and many others. The film coincided with the introduction of this key body of photographs to the public by KIWI Arts Group during Art Basel Miami Beach in 2010, quickly becoming some of the most recognized and important images of Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana ever discovered.

The historical significance of Kennedy’s work with Andy Warhol to include Flowers, Self-Portrait, Marilyn, American Man, Race Riot and others have been recognized for their importance by the curator’s and director’s of the Andy Warhol Museum.

Today, the signature image Kennedy photographed in 1964 of Warhol holding the acetate used to make his Marilyn Monroe paintings stands over 4 meters tall as the focal point to the entry of the museum, and the complete Kennedy/Warhol Flowers series are part of the museum’s permanent collection. KIWI Arts Group collaborated with The Warhol Museum to create a special edition of 50 box sets that included five Kennedy images to raise funds for the museum, with the final set scheduled to be sold at Sotheby’s in the Fall of 2017.

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Bright Bright Great Named Top 7 Chicago-Based Web Development Companies by TopAgency

Bright Bright Great Makes it to the Top 7 Chicago-based Web Development Companies

TopAgency Web Developer Chicago

Today TopAgency, a global research-and-review firm, has published results of the annual research on Chicago-based Companies that are offering web development services to its domestic and international clients. The review report has highlighted the leading companies of the city, ranking Bright Bright Great among the top seven.

Bright Bright Great was chosen for the ranking, over a dozen of other leading web development service providers in Chicago, on the basis of a number of parameters. We have earned high ratings from our clients on customer satisfaction rates, reliability, post-launch support, ROI, potential repeat business rates, and other review measures.

The expert analysts have also ranked us high on our ability at innovation, market presence, client base, repeat business rates, technical expertise in complex projects, scalability of services, and our competence in dealing with the upcoming technological changes and trends.

The analysts have commended our work process for web development and focus on creativity. They have verified with their stringent assessment that our web designs, which are appealingly creative on the front-end, also have strong data science foundation at the back-end. Other services that have garnered accolades by the review platform include brand strategising, attention to UX/UI details, and digital marketing.

How was the Research done?

TopAgency has evaluated a number of web development companies from Chicago, of both medium and large scales. These companies were initially assessed through a qualifying algorithm that mostly calculated their reliability. Afterwards, the selected companies were evaluated by analysts on the basis of basic parameters like customer support, pricing, scalability of services, technologies used, user ability, client base, associated brand names, and consumer reviews.

After testing all the companies on these crucial measures, a penetration analysis was conducted to assess the comparative competence of each of the qualified firms. Experts evaluated the portfolio and project approach of the companies to find out their capacity for innovation. Furthermore, genuine client reviews were collected to affirm the accurate customer satisfaction rates. Other factors calculated during this penetration analysis include historical growth, study of lawsuits (if any), and technical expertise at handling complicated requirements.

After proving its excellence on all these measures, Bright Bright Great has earned a rank among the most reputed web development companies of the city of the lakes and prairies.

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