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Press: Capitalist Improv – Bright Bright Great Creative Director Amy Schwartz Interviewed by Communication Arts

Amy Schwartz Creative Director

An Interview with Bright Bright Great Creative Director Amy Schwartz on Communication Arts
Posted: Aug 29, 2017

When and how did you find your passion for design?

In my freshman year of high school, I took an introduction to journalism class that covered not only the basics of journalism writing, but also how to create print layouts in InDesign. I became hooked. My junior year, I became editor in chief of the paper and soon realized that while I enjoy writing, my true passion is design. I was completely enamored by the idea that different layouts and elements—photographs, captions, infographics, pull quotes—could directly affect the way a reader understands the information on the page.

My senior year, I became editor in chief of design, and another talented student became editor in chief of copy. Together, we collaborated on the intersection of form and content. It was a truly incredible experience to have before I even turned eighteen. I nervously abandoned my half-finished applications for college journalism programs and applied to college design programs.

Now it’s coming full circle, as I am continuing my career as a designer who writes.

Read the full article with Amy Schwartz on Communication Arts.

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Jason Schwartz

Interview Exclusive Hype For Type Frontman Alex Haigh Part 2

Jason Schwartz from Bright Bright Great interviews Alex Haigh from Hype For Type

Creating a type foundry/type studio obviously puts a lot of emphasis on the “business of design” for you. I’m seeing a lot of creatives starting to build their brand through application studios, web stores, and other various online entities. Are you guys to striking a balance between the “business” of design while staying fully creative?

Absolutely not.

HypeForType has never been about ‘business’ it’s purely about my obsessive passion for design and typography. Whether it goes well or it doesn’t my main emphasis is on helping designers to evolve. At the end of the day that’s what we all strive for, the ability, persistence, and shear dedication to get to the next level. HFT is here to give designers the opportunity to work with typography and discover it’s incredibly important standing within design.

What was it about type that hooked you and you knew it was something you wanted to be involved in? Besides HFT fonts, got any other fonts that you absolutely love?

That’s a good question. I think it came by chance through my career. My first ever ‘design’ based role was when I was studying and also working at a newspaper setting adverts out. All of these adverts were type based, so after a while you started to notice peoples lack of passion for this job which in a sense was no suprise as creatively it didn’t offer the most rewarding output. However I think if you line up a piece of work with standard text, and a piece of work with the same typography that has been treated, kerned, placed and cared for you can see a massive difference. This detail separates good typography from bad.

In terms of a favourite font, that’s a tough one but I think Neo Deco, that Alex Trochut produced for the foundry has been pretty ground breaking.

Last question. What is your favorite application (mobile, or computer based) that you absolutely NEED to survive in the type game?

Freehand. I will never stop using it, it’s a beautiful program.

Alex Haigh AKA Thinkdust AKA Hype For Type as interviewed by Jason Schwartz from Bright Bright Great.

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Jason Schwartz

Interview Exclusive Hype For Type Frontman Alex Haigh Part 1

Bright Bright Great's Jason Schwartz interviews Hype For Type's Alex Haigh

My name is Alex Haigh, I’m a freelance designer from Nottingham, running a company called Thinkdust.

Hey Alex.
I’ve been following you for a long time and your work as Thinkdust, long before Hype For Type was in the works. You recently launched Hype For Type as well as just dropped your first set of exclusive fonts. Exclusive Faces 1 already has some super hot fonts from some super hot creatives. How did you manage to collaborate with such a tight crew like Thinkdust, Jon Burgerman, Hello Hikimori, and Alex Trochut?

It kind of reminds me of the Olympics in 1992, when Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, Larry Bird, and Patrick Ewing all played together. Those guys were the cream of crop and all knew how to bring the awesome.  

Who is next? Eyes on anyone, or any foundry in particular?

Initially, I had this idea (for Hype For Type) around a year ago when I wasn’t that impressed by what the market was actually offering in terms of typography. You tend to find as you observe the design scene over the years some of the larger foundry’s become quite diluted. Products that are not developed 100% and are often technically flawed tend to be on offer, this not only means designers get a rubbish product, but they are also browsing a catalogue with few and far between fully developed professional typefaces.

Out of this idea the initial concept has always been to work with some of the design and illustration industries most creative to produce one off bespoke unique creations for designers, something no other foundry in the world is currently doing. This means we can offer a great catalogue alongside exclusive faces you will only find over at

Who’s next? That’s a secret, but keep your eyes peeled because it will only get better from here.

I really can’t wait to see where you are taking this project. It excites me because I think font is still widely misunderstood. People realize that there are great fonts out there, but don’t know where to get them, or don’t know where to get started with purchasing fonts.

Besides type, what else are you guys hyped for? A laundry list is OK.

Well personally I am a type and design obsessive, apart from that I enjoy the old cold beer, laughs with friends, films, music and all your other general stuff!

I too obsess about design quite frequently. I understand where you are coming from. I’m always looking for new inspiration even when I am not sitting at my computer designing. I’m also finding great new ways to connect with creatives (that inspire me) from all over the world using Twitter, Facebook, and cool design sites like Who do you follow on Twitter? Also, why you follow them.

Top 5 people on twitter, tricky one. I would have to say I enjoy everyone’s posts, and with the foundry and the studio finding the time to actually read every single twitter followers posts becomes quite impossible.

Yeah, we kind of do the same thing over here. We run a Bright Bright Great Twitter, and each of us all have our own pages, so when you add up all the tweets, it get’s a little crazy. I do find it really helpful as a designer to embrace social media to connect with new friends, as well as awesome designers all over world. That’s actually how this interview happened. It all started as a Hype For Type game of Hangman on Twitter!

What’s the feeling like in the studio? Can we see a few pics of the HFT space? How many people, who’s around during the workday?

I’ve attached a photo for you.

Currently at the moment we are a small team, the core is made up of myself and my business partner Sam. Following that we have Dawn, who is a senior type designer with 15 years experience, she takes care of every imperfection for us so we can always output top quality.

Sam takes care of the business side of things, and my eyes are always on the visual side as ever. The overall concept of HFT is to offer affordable top quality fonts for designers and creatives looking to explore with typography, and I think the star of the show will always be our unique idea of the exclusive volumes, it’s only just begun so keep your eyes peeled.

Picture 50

Wow. Nice digs. Is that your Bentley?

– – –
End Part 1. To be continued.

Jason Schwartz is the Art Director at Bright Bright Great, a design company in Chicago, IL.

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Jason Schwartz