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New Music Video For Jennifer Hall’s “Make It Out Alive”

BBG’s art director Alex Sheyn worked nights and weekends, alongside fellow creators Jordan Balderas and Elaine Short, to create the new music video for Jennifer Hall’s new single “Make It Out Alive” from her newly-released, self-titled EP.

The video went from idea, to plan, to project, to the full-HD 4K video you see above.

With limited budget and the obvious time constraint of the project’s main contributors working on it as a side project, we couldn’t be prouder of Alex’s work on this project and are stoked to see the new video hit the web. Watch it above or on YouTube.

If you’re in Chicago, join us at the video release party this weekend (8/22). Download the EP here.

Jen Hall Cover Art

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Jason Schwartz

New Work: BBG Brand Launch Andie K

On Thursday, November 8th, BBG helped launch the brand for Andie K: Wearable Art. We’ve put a lot into this brand, and after months of designing and planning; Andie K introduced their line of necklaces and bracelets to friends and guests. Response was fantastic and Bright Bright Great is currently working on Phase 2, the Andie K full web experience.

“I would like to thank the entire Bright Bright Great team for making the launch of Andie K such a success. The launch went flawlessly, in large part due to BBG’s creativity, tenacity, and  roll-up-your-sleeves attitude. Compliments have been pouring in from our guests about Andie K’s ‘unique, fresh, and crisp’ branding. I’m anxious and excited to turn to the next stage of our collaboration.

Regards, Andie K”

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Jason Schwartz