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Passionately Independent, Cooperatively Minded

Over the past 10+ years, Bright Bright Great has received numerous merger, acquisition, acquihire, and flat out buyout offers, which sometimes seemed interesting, but never aligned with where we want to go as an agency, who we want to work, how we envision the future of digital tools, and how we want to serve our clients.

In 2019, BBG was approached by Nostos, with an amazing concept. Stay independent, but join a small heavily vetted group of amazing agencies to collaborate and share resources with. A community that is not a referral network, but shares knowledge, support and educational resources so that all partners continue to grow as individuals, but be better together.

We were in!

Nostos Philosophy

“Being a part of the Nostos Network and being connected to other best-in-class complimentary independent agencies has been an amazing learning experience, as well as an opportunity for BBG to grow alongside such amazingly talented people.”

Jason Schwartz, Creative Director

We believe independent agencies do better work.

They’re also better places to work and better stewards of the communities where they operate. That’s why we’ve created a community of best-in-class companies with complementary skill sets and diverse industry expertise who all share similar values, including a passion for working together and remaining independent.

The current agency and consultancy networks are broken.

They don’t serve the needs of their clients or agencies that join them. They are designed to maximize profit, monopolize industries, and maintain the status quo. Nostos prioritizes individual culture, quality of thinking, and shared well-being.


You can learn more about the Nostos community of agencies here:

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Jason Schwartz