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New Work: BBG Brand Launch Andie K

On Thursday, November 8th, BBG helped launch the brand for Andie K: Wearable Art. We’ve put a lot into this brand, and after months of designing and planning; Andie K introduced their line of necklaces and bracelets to friends and guests. Response was fantastic and Bright Bright Great is currently working on Phase 2, the Andie K full web experience.

“I would like to thank the entire Bright Bright Great team for making the launch of Andie K such a success. The launch went flawlessly, in large part due to BBG’s creativity, tenacity, and  roll-up-your-sleeves attitude. Compliments have been pouring in from our guests about Andie K’s ‘unique, fresh, and crisp’ branding. I’m anxious and excited to turn to the next stage of our collaboration.

Regards, Andie K”

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Jason Schwartz

New Work: Bright Bright Great Designs for Sweet Ali’s Gluten-Free Bakery in Hinsdale, IL

In 2011 Bright Bright Great was contacted by Sweet Ali’s Gluten Free Bakery located in Hinsdale, IL for a total rebrand and interactive overhaul. The project launched in Summer 2011, but until now we haven’t posted it online.

Better late than never. (Since, handoff in 2011, Sweet Ali’s has taken over the site and updated the design and development on their own. What is currently live, is a slight departure from our original designs.)

















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Jason Schwartz

Bright Bright Great & Friends At C2E2 2012 – Photo Recap

Bright Bright Great and friends had the chance to hit C2E2 on Saturday to:

1. Be inspired
2. Buy comics
3. Check out what’s happening in the comic and entertainment world


We also we’re lucky enough to get VIP access to the Shawnimals after party at Logan Hardware, Logan Square’s hidden gem arcade. Ultra double thanks to Shawn from Shawnimals for the invite.

Check out the photo recap.

Bright Bright Great Jason Gross & Jason Schwartz C2E2

@totally_gross + @jaycrimes

Chad + Poke Master C2E2

Chad + Random Pokeball Dude



1971 Silver Surfer & Medusa blacklight posters


shifty_look_chalk_mural C2E2 Jason Schwartz

Zombies C2E2

Amy Dosen + Spyro C2E2

Amy + Spyro!!

Dot Com 30 Rock C2E2

30 Rock’s Dot Com

Storm Trooper C2E2

Mr T Represent

crayons C2E2

Attacked While Buying Comics

Chilling C2E2


Notorious BIG Vinyl & Variant Red Stay Puft Marshmallow Man C2E2

Souvenirs – Jason Gross picked up a Biggie Smalls vinyl for the office and Jason Schwartz grabbed a red variant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man vinyl and a stack of comics.

Fun had by all!

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Jason Schwartz