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Friday Fun Day: Bright Bright Great Goes To Chicago Comic Con

For this weeks Friday Fun Day takes Bright Bright Great to Chicago Comic Con! As comic collectors since the 80’s, this is an event that we find inspiration at every year.

Waiting to get in. Line is like 1000 people, whoa!

Gross Chicago Comic Con

Marty McFly Hat Chicago Comic Con

Marty McFly Back to the Future II hat. Swag.

Gross with Thor's Hammer Chicago Comic Con

How jacked is Gross right now?

Channel 5 Internviewing Spider Man & Captain America Chicago Comic Con

Ghostbusters Proton Pack Chicago Comic Con

We got to meet the Chicago Chapter of Ghostbusters! Check them out

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Jason Schwartz

Friday Fun Day: Bright Bright Great Tours Shawnimals

Celebrating Friday Fun Day, Bright Bright Great headed over to the Fulton Market area of Chicago to visit Shawnimals, to talk plush, Comic Con and take a grand tour. Gotta say that this space is pretty awesome and our personal vote for “Most Fun Stuff Per Square Inch” in all of Chicago.

Shawnimals Mural

@shawnimal and @jaycrimes

Shawnimal & Jason Schwartz

Shawnimals Entryway & Fulfillment


Shawnimals Wall of Awesomeness

Shawnimals + Stairway To Heaven

Outside the office is the most peculiar/awesome ladder.

If you aren’t familiar with Shawnimal’s, or Shawn’s work, go check them out.

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Jason Schwartz