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Chicago Design Museum Open June 1-30, 2012

Chicago Design Museum BBG

After almost 8 months of planning, the Chicago Design Museum will open it’s doors in Humboldt Park this week and stay open with 5 absolutely amazing exhibitions throughout the month of June and coordinating with AIGA’s Chicago Design Week (June 11-16, 2012)

The Chicago Design Museum hosts limited engagement exhibitions that focus on design excellence. It adapts to curated collections, and finds the appropriate environment for the work on display. The formality of a traditional museum is still found within the high standards of the curated work, while the pop-up format promotes intimate experiences that are less likely to be found in a brick-and-mortar institution.

Bright Bright Great is not only a title sponsor this year, but also Jason Schwartz, BBG’s Creative Director has been active on CHIDM’s board since last November, acting as Chief Marketing Officer.

We are extremely excited to be a part of bringing this to the Chicago design scene and hope to see you all there.

Chicago Design Museum
Open June 1-30 (please check website for hours)
700 N. Sacramento #201, Chicago IL


IBM100: Icons of Progress
Rodchenko 120
Debbie Millman: Look Both Ways
Ed Fella: More Into Less
Fresh Produced: Exploring the Craft of Hand Painted Signage 

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Jason Schwartz