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Bright Bright Great Is Proud To Announce Our 3rd 2 Night Stand Event on November 30 & Dec 1

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Bright Bright Great is proud to announce our 3rd – 2 Night Stand event, slated for November 30 & Dec 1, 2012.

If you aren’t familiar with the 2 Night Stand event series, imagine a weekend hackathon side-by-side with 25 of Chicago’s brightest creatives ranging from designers, art directors, illustrators and photographers, to iOS developers, videographers and copywriters. The approval process to be accepted is pretty strict and this is definitely an amazing room of talent everytime.

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Jason Schwartz

Register Now For The Next 2 Night Stand Event, Oct 28 & 29th!

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It’s OFFICIAL. The new website is live for the next 2 Night Stand event taking place in Chicago on October 28 & 29.

If you didn’t follow along last time, in a nutshell, 2 Night Stand is a Friday night & Saturday all day event where 20 creatives come together to jam and strategize around a common “Client.” We say Client loosely, because the event focuses around the creativity and synergy created as a team and not towards a goal like “I need a website.”

It’s 100% up to the participants how they want to spend the event: Strategy, Creative, Jamming, Discussion, whatever. Dynamics will change every event.

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Jason Schwartz

Coming VERY Soon: Bright Bright Great’s Next 2 Night Stand Event. Get Ready To Apply!

2 Night Stand - Coming Soon

We are putting the finishing touches on the second iteration of our 2 Night Stand website.

Keep an eye on @2nightstand on Twitter, or our twitter @bbgchicago.

Sneak: We can’t tell you much about the event until we launch, but we CAN tell you that the Season Finale of Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior has SOMETHING to do with it.

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Jason Schwartz