At Bright Bright Great we pride ourselves on happy clients. We understand that success is a result of an open, happy & collaborative relationship.

Chee-Young Kim – Co-Founder & Director, NowSecure

BBG is our go-to design studio. As a small business who has Fortune 500 companies as clients, BBG has been our partner in developing our brand in all that we do; website, product literature, conferences, etc.

Bright Bright Great has worked actively since 2013 with NowSecure, a global mobile security company as they transitioned from focusing solely on the enterprise market, to the addition of the consumer market as well.

View the work Bright Bright Great did over our multi-year relationship with viaForensics (prior name) & NowSecure.

Melanie Merians – Chief Executive Officer, Assistance League of Los Angeles

I honestly have nothing but good things to say about BBG.

They were great to work with, very creative and positive, and delivered everything on time. I’m no web whiz but I have many years of experience with marketing, branding, and communications, so I know what I’m messaging and what I want.

While there was much back and forth, the overall process was very smooth and efficient. I didn’t waste time redoing or undoing their work. I fully recommend BBG; in fact, I will be using them again on another project.

View the work Bright Bright Great did for Assistance League of Los Angeles.

Jonathan Spagat

I came to Jason with not your average business challenge. We have a 100 year old dye brand that needed a refresh. The brand is a DIY one that has been considered complicated and messy; but we needed to overcome those perceptions because it really isn’t. We needed to present all the features of our product in a concise way, plus create a detailed, yet logical experience on how to use our products. We also needed to showcase inspirational content. I think it was quite a challenge.

I worked closely with Jason and his team (Amy, Mack, Tiffany and Josh) to create an experience that not only addressed these challenges, but also far exceeded my expectations. With each and every bit of direction from me, the team took the time to legitimately understand the issues / challenges involved and then came up with great solutions to address my direction. Plus, the site is simply beautiful. The team has incredible taste and a terrific sense for design, color and font treatment.

I felt like the whole team truly cared about my project and made sure we got everything we needed to exceed, and more. And working with them was legitimately so much fun.

I honestly couldn’t be happier with the outcome and am looking forward to partnering with BBG on future projects to come.

View the work Bright Bright Great did with Rit Dye for their 100 Years of Color digital transformation.

Chassity Jordan – Marketing Director, Nephropath

Working with the creative team at BBG, was an absolute pleasure.

The BBG team seamlessly embodies Daniel Mall’s definition of Creative Direction: “Creative Direction is championing the intersection where art direction & design meet strategy.


Jeff Servos –  VP, Programming, Philo Media

Working with the BBG team was a fantastic experience. They are unbelievably talented and their genuine passion for design and art shows in every aspect of their work. They aren’t afraid to push back when necessary and it creates extremely constructive (essential) dialogue in an effort to find the perfect end result.

We didn’t just walk away with professionally designed materials, we ended up with a better understanding of our companies identity–an invaluable experience.

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Jack Gerber – Owner, Swell Expeditions

Everyone I’ve shared your work with has been really impressed. You guys are amazing and I’m grateful for your help!

Justin Fern – Owner, Urban Equity Properties

The BBG team is comprised of truly amazing people.

We interviewed many firms for the rebrand of Urban Equity Properties and BBG was by far the best. Quality, fit, turnaround and budget were all met.

I highly recommend them. We currently have them working on a new division rebrand that is starting to look fantastic. You guys rock!

View Bright Bright Great’s work for Urban Equity Properties.

Andrea Kramer – Owner, Andie K

To this day, I still receive unsolicited compliments from customers praising the unique and interesting packaging and brand elements developed by the team at Bright Bright Great.

An very valuable added bonus of working with the BBG team was their extensive network of contacts with printers, photographers, and other suppliers. These relationships assured smooth support even after launch.

BBG was part of every decision that helped launch Andie K and, as I look back on our first year, I want to thank the whole BBG team for their creative, hands-on problem-solving skills.

Marc Teer – Chief Executive Officer, Black Spectacles

Hiring BBG in 2010 has been the smartest money that I’ve spent since we’ve started Black Spectacles. The reason is that great design provides tremendous value. When you’re starting out, one of the biggest things you need is credibility.

Great design gives you instant credibility, and Jason & the BBG team has provided gobbs of great design for us. We hear all the time how beautiful our site is, and I can usually tell that whomever says it, thinks we are a few notches bigger, a few notches more profitable and a few notches more successful, because we have a killer site & brand.

I should mention that they didn’t only design our site, they conceived the entire brand.

BBG’s work is always excellent- usually un-expectedly excellent. I recommend these guys all the time, and keep coming back.

View Bright Bright Great’s work for Black Spectacles.

Matt Reinhard – Chief Creative Officer, O'Keefe Reinhard & Paul

BBG is a highly creative and incredibly professional team of online brand builders.

They not only brings a great range of progressive and detail oriented design to the table, but highly developed UX thinking which takes any project over the top.

BBG’s overall attention to detail help transform our brand partners into category leaders. Clean and simple user experiences invite folks to return again and again.

View Bright Bright Great’s work for O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul as well as Banh Shop & Super Chix two collaborations.

Christian Anderson – Chief Marketing Officer, Position-Tech

Jason and the crew at BBG are top notch. Initially I hired BBG for the revamp of and since that time I have used them for a variety of creative design processes including packaging design (present in Dick’s Sporting Goods, East Bay, Dunham’s Sports, Big 5 Sporting Goods, etc.), sales and marketing collateral, apparel and print design.

The results are always the same, a great looking brand that constantly receives compliments. Highly Recommended.

Ray Lichter – Owner, Lichter Realty

“The mobile version is fucking unbelievable.”

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Aaron Goldman – Chief Marketing Officer, 4C

We absolutely love our new website and were super impressed with everyone we worked with at BBG. Alex has an unbelievable design eye. Nick provided key insights for content and IA. Tiffany is just a wizard, cranking out code. Josh made sure our tech was tight. And Jason is the mastermind with the grand vision and plan that ties it all together. All in all, BBG demonstrated an amazing blend of creativity, speed and quality.

Check out Bright Bright Great’s interactive refresh for Chicago-based 4C.

Kevin Allodi – Co-Founder & CEO, Philo Media

We’ve had many, many compliments on the website, same goes for our presentation materials – we’re very happy with the professional look and feel our deck and proposals provide. Activity has been steadily increasing.

View BBG’s work for Philo Media.

Maggie Graham, Marketing Director, BB7

BBG took the robust marketing research findings, strategy analysis and audit – hundreds of pages of information and went to work. They immersed themselves in bb7’s culture, took time to understand our value proposition and listened to our vision. They refined our brand and pushed us to improve our promotional strategy. They worked tirelessly towards marketing, design, brand and web excellence; providing insights throughout the journey.

We have “complex” offerings and BBG created a brand that makes those complex offerings consumable and engaging, They nailed all of our goals: Find a balance between serious and fun, showcase our brilliant people, provide a site that’s as innovative as we are, and make the site easy to manage and edit.

BBG was truly an extension of our team. The work is beautiful yet the collaboration that went into it was amazing. It was bittersweet to watch this project end because I felt like I lost awesome co-workers.

View BBG’s work for BB7.

Tom O'Keefe, Chief Executive Officer, O'Keefe Reinhard & Paul

The highest compliment I can give a creative partner is that they don’t just play back what we ask for, but inspire us with what we asked for in a form we couldn’t conceive in our wildest dreams.  That’s Bright Bright Great.

They get us, understand our brand, and as far as the all important digital identity is concerned, helped create us from the ground up.  They were with us in the beginning, and as we grew up and evolved they delivered a remarkable 2.0 update that elevated our brand without losing our original startup soul.

View BBG’s work for O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul as we collaboratively refined their digital brand and interactive.

Jeffrey Moss, Owner, Great Lakes Home

The team at Bright Bright Great has a wonderful knack for digging through a lot of (sometimes unfocused) inspiration material and landing on the beating heart of the idea, then taking that kernel and expanding it into a high-functioning brand.

In the case of Great Lakes Home, portions of that work involved wide-ranging disciplines one wouldn’t necessarily associate with the development of an e-commerce website, but such is the scope of their talents and skills.  Thanks so much BBG for sharing, for a little while, your client’s heart and soul and giving back in such an effective way.

View BBG’s work for Great Lakes Home.