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Google Drops All For Good. It’s Good AND Awesome!

google all for good

If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out Google’s Blog today for their awesome drop of All for Good, which is a new service to help you find volunteer events in your community, and share those events with your friends.

This is pretty much the awesomest community help blog ever and everyone should go there now and see what all the fuss is about. …And donate some time to help the cause.

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Jason Schwartz

PepsiCo Caves on the Tropicana Rebrand

With the straight up commotion and online “buzz” this rebrand has garnered, I can’t believe it wasn’t done by Wolff Olins.

From the START I bet my buds over at Heroes Vs Villains that the Tropicana rebrand wasn’t going to last very long. It was almost as bad as the Sierra Mist redesign, but on a widely accepted product. Pepsico wanted clean and fresh, but htey ended up with something that was confusing to the color blind, and generic.

Here’s the commotion I’ve been hearing:
– Rebrand is generic
– Packaging is hard to differentiate between products
– Logo is too “2.0”
– Packaging doesn’t match the corporate style
– Packaging is boring

Almost every design blog on the net has discussed this packaging in the last month and yesterday the NY Times posted a story that Tropicana was going to move back to a slightly updated version of the old packaging (AND THE OLD LOGO, which is HUGE.)

I understand the whole “let’s make our product new again,” but the direction was just a bit off. I would love to see the design comps from the entire process to see how they got from A to B.

Maybe they will launch a viral campaign A LA The Pepsi Manifesto from last month.
Just wait for the Tropicana rebrand… rebrand.

Posted By
Jason Schwartz