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Bright Bright Book Review: Everything Explained Through Flowcharts

Fellow young fellow,

Are worldly decisions stressing you out? Need answers to life that involve help without scamming your family this time?
Then you need to welcome Collins Design’s EVERYTHING EXPLAINED THROUGH FLOWCHARTS by Doogie Horner in your confused and needy little heart.

Everything Explained Through Flowcharts

Brainchild of comedian + graphic designer Doogie Horner came up with this hilarious collection of ingenious flowcharts that illuminate all of life’s greatest mysteries, from the best way to win an argument (maybe over oranges, maybe over marriage), to deciding on the perfect tattoo (sexy banana?) or heavy metal band name that fits your personality.

EVERYTHING EXPLAINED THROUGH FLOWCHARTS has already been receiving love, including a full feature in Wired, and a graphic guide to Facebook profiles that Doogie wrote for Fast Company, which, by the way, you should take a look at. Maybe even adjust your FB profile afterwards.

What we love the most about the book, is that it has shiny bits of comedy all over, in charts and in good ol’ words. Our favorites:

P. 34: Which chain restaurant means what to us and what should they be used for.
Example 1: Casual dining → Work → Trying to seduce the hot intern = Rainforest cafe
Example 2: Casual dining → Love → Last date → Last date (violent) = Hooters

P. 40: Comic book sound effects
Example 1: Weapons → Guns → Ricochet → Total miss = PWING
Example 2: Weapons → Energy → Electricity = ZZZZTTTTTT

P 81: Christmas tragedies
Example 1: Left at home while family goes on trip to Paris; forced to fight burglars.
Example 2: Father leaves to buy cigarettes, never returns.
Example 3: You have four different Christmases to go to in one single day!

P 135: 100 minor disappointments.
Example 1: Fortune cookie empty.
Example 6: Long story pointless.
Example 23: Organic food unhealthy.
Example 58: Baby ugly.Example 96: Scrabble triple word score disputed.

WWF flowchart

And since no book review is done without some kind of experimentation, BBG tried a fabulous flowchart to determine Jocelyn’s mafia name. It was hard to pick one because so many names fit, so we decided to post her trail of results here.

Mafiastic results = “Layers”, “Socks”, “Jocelyn Frosted Flakes”, “The iBarra” and “Lassie Chopin”.

As you can see, we found out that we have as many possible mafia names as we have mysterious personalities.
Now if you don’t order this book immediately, enjoy the pleasure of finding out why the names fit.
Just kidding (?)

EVERYTHING EXPLAINED THROUGH FLOWCHARTS comes out on October 26th and you can buy it here!

See you in a dark spooky alley,
Jocelyn Frosted Flakes 🙂

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Jason Schwartz

Bright Bright Book Review: New Big Book of Layouts

Once again we would like to thank Collins Design for giving us the opportunity to sneak-peek New Big Book of Layouts, by Erin Mayes (Design Director of Em Dash), Joel Anderson (Founder of Anderson Design Group) and Katie Jain (Co-Founder of Hatch Design).

New Book of Layouts compiles some seriously dope work from studios all over the globe. We even saw some familiar names in there (Congrats @timmit & Rule 29!) The book is broken into sections based on layout medium, advertising, banners, books, brochures, catalogs, magazines, posters, & websites. Take a gander and some of the eye candy below.

I’d definitely love to see more of the sexy interactive design and web work in future “New Layout Books”. Perhaps The New New New Book of Layouts? Something to keep an eye out for…

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Jason Schwartz

Walk This Way: A New Book Review By BBG!

Signs are everywhere. They tell you what to think of that look everyone just gave you, when to keep quiet, and when you should run away… but they also tell you where to board your plane, where to find food, and in which room you won’t be slapped at a restaurant.

Collins Design’s present of the month is WALK THIS WAY: SIGN GRAPHICS NOW by Matteo Cossu.

No matter where we are, sign graphics find their way to communicate us a coherent message through clear and effective visual images, so design specialist Matteo Cossu presents a collection on some of the most ingenious sign work from around the world, featuring projects and their creators, as well as insight into their creative minds.

A fascinating compilation of photographs take us through amazing signage from museums, libraries, hospitals, theaters, retail, schools and public spaces.

The book also features interviews with sign experts, revealing the inspiration behind their work, the challenges they faced, and their thoughts on the final products. WALK THIS WAY  is a great resource for designers and students because it inspires beautiful visual communication.

The book goes on sale today, August 31st. We think that’s a sign that you should get it.

Images courtesy of Harper Collins Publishers.

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Jason Schwartz

Today In We Not Only Like Soccer, We Like Toys!

It’s World Cup time! And it’s also Collins Design time!
We must’ve done the opposite of walking under a ladder, because BBG was once more honored by getting an exclusive copy of Collins Design’s newest book: We Are Paper Toys! by Louis Bou.

The book is, of course, about the elegant and somehow mystical world of paper toys, a mix of creativity, curiosity, and a bit of patience.
Since paper toys are so hot these days, this book comes at the perfect time. We Are Paper Toys! is a collection of some of the best toy designs created by famous artists from around the world.

The book is beautifully illustrated and awesomely inspiring. It features 32 designers in 200 pages filled with interviews, photos and design tips for toymakers. The book also comes with a CD with more templates than you’ll be able to make in a summer.

And a special visual bonus, and because here at BBG we firmly believe in the art of experimentation, we decided to enjoy an afternoon of toy making and photography: we printed, cut, folded and glued and went outside to shoot our creations!

Here’s what we made:

Freddy Krueger by Horrorwood.

Rameses Paper Lion by Dolly Oblong.

Carmi by charuca.
So if this tickled your origami sense, you’re in luck, because the book is out today!
Order here or here, enjoy maybe here, and promote here and yes, here.

Also, if you buy the book and make a toy, let us know here! We’ll be delighted to set up a paper toy duel! Prize is watching Cloverfield at BBG for the 20th time 😛

Now look at some of the pretty pages:

See all the pictures on Flickr.

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Jason Schwartz

Designing For The Greater Good: Another Successful Review By Bright Bright Great!

Have we mentioned how much we love Collins Design?

Collins Design is the editorial behind The Virtual Miscellaneum, a brill book BBG had the pleasure to review, love and obsess about last November.

This time Collins Design made our January by sending us a copy of Design for the Greater Good by Peleg Top and Jonathan Cleveland. A book showcasing the best, brightest, and most successful design campaigns in the nonprofit industry.

The message behind Designing for the Greater Good is that nonprofit campaigns shouldn’t merely share a message, but that they should serve as inspiration to encourage action.

The book includes 24 case studies, interviews with designers, cause-specific campaigns, logos and branding for nonprofits and tons of websites, posters, brochures, advertising, and marketing materials for different events and nonprofits. By the time you finish it, you should at least feel a little enlightened.

Go get this book before you’ve been left behind. On awesomeness!

Images by Jocelyn Ibarra for Bright Bright Great.

Get the book here!

Learn more about the book and its authors here:

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Jason Schwartz