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Bright Bright Great is Looking For A Front-End Developer in Chicago, IL

We’re Bright Bright Great, a small Chicago-based team of designers, developers & strategists. We work with a wide range of clients from funded startups, longstanding businesses, to large tech companies across all industries.

We’re looking for a Front-End Developer who’s passionate about interfaces, user-friendly interactions AND clean, bug free code. You’ll be working closely with our design team, development team, and clients to solve problems and create effective solutions to meet both user experience and business goals.


On a regular basis you’ll be responsible for:

  • HTML & CSS
  • Javascript
  • Developing and maintaining WordPress themes
  • Collaborating on Interaction Design (from a dev standpoint)
  • Salesforce/Pardot Integration
  • Responsive email templates (HTML & CSS)
  • Cleaning up bugs for existing clients as they arise
  • API integration


  • At least 3 years experience with WordPress
  • Experience working with designers and developers
  • Experience working with clients
  • Have worked in an agency before
  • Ability to walk clients through identifying helpful debugging information
  • Ability to work within existing codebase
  • Comfortable planning out a content management strategy for complex content-heavy sites
  • Excellent communication skills and fluent in English
  • Comfortable working remotely using apps such as Slack, Trello, Basecamp, Google Apps, Hangouts, etc.
  • Enjoy collaborating with others
  • Ability to organize and manage your own responsibilities and hit deadlines.
  • Comfortable with Git/GitHub
  • Enthusiastic and opinionated about what you do, but open to accepting feedback.
  • Enjoy having discussions around process, strategy, and the story behind coding decisions
  • Quick to learn


  • Salesforce/Pardot Integration

Personality Traits:

  • Thoughtful
  • Personable
  • Optimistic
  • Clear

Interested? Fill out an application:


* BBG is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity in the workplace.

** No recruiters.

Posted By
Jason Schwartz

A Handy Guide To Working At Bright Bright Great

Deathly Hallows

Bright Bright Great is an amazing place to work, period. We are always learning and pushing each other to grow personally and as a collective team.

Think you’d make a good addition? Use this post as a guide to help you understand what it takes to be a part and if you are a fit.

We are damn good at what we do.

You can tell by our work that we “get it.” We are a digitally and UX-driven brand development company helping clients create stunning experiences that solve goals.

We build from the ground up and see projects through from start through finish. We continue on helping our clients after a launch with technology, content creation, strategy & social media marketing.

You can learn about the services we offer clients on our Studio page. There’s quite a few.

We are always curious.

This is our entire team’s passion and lifestyle. We look for people to join our team who can inspire us and our community.

We look for people who are naturally curious. You should be active on social media and up on the newest technology and trends. Your personal brand is confident, creative and has some grit. People believe in you.

Our skills are undeniable. Yours should be as well.

Bright Bright Great is a small team with no weak links. Every single day, we rely on each other to stay focused. During a normal day, we design, develop, shoot photography, create presentations, write strategy, post social media and a million other things. We run smoothly by each of us being able to adapt quickly and through intelligent processes.

We look for the best designers/photographers/strategists out there. We call those who fit best with BBG a “1+1.” You happen to be incredibly gifted in the role you are applying for as well as one additional creative skill IE photography, illustration, copywriting, social media, etc.

We’re small. We win and lose as a team.

You’d join us to help build something bigger. We win as a team. We also lose as a team. You’ll feel both.

We believe that performance-based incentives, like bonuses and extra time off, help to foster a feeling of community and ownership. We set annual goals and we fuel each other to achieve them.

How do I engage with you? BBG Apprenticeship & Full-Time positions

Most everyone who works at BBG engages with us through a 6-month apprenticeship position. That gives us the opportunity to fully vet your skills and for you to prove to us that you should be a part of our team.

Updates on open opportunities will also be posted on BBG’s Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.

BBG is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity in the workplace.

Posted By
Jason Schwartz