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New Work: OKRP

In 2013, Bright Bright Great helped OKRP capture the “grown-up start-up” feel they were going for when the company launched. We were delighted to have the opportunity to help them evolve their look to match their impressive portfolio of work.

OKRP Desktop view Bright Bright Great

From their beginnings, OKRP sought to put the “agent” back in “advertising agency” for their clients, and on the back of a string of successes, the team thought the time was right to update their brand and website to better match the maturity of the agency and really show off what they’ve been doing.

Bright Bright Great’s goal in this project was to grow the brand we had created previously for OKRP, starting with a new art direction featuring a slightly refined palette and updated type stack. To complement that, we shot headshots as well as cultural shots to show off the brains behind OKRP and their amazing workspace.

With the site now launched, BBG will stay on to provide managed hosting services in order to ensure the best possible web experience for OKRP’s visitors.

OKRP Index Bright Bright Great

OKRP Mobile View Bright Bright Great

OKRP Who's Who 2 Bright Bright Great

OKRP Working Bright Bright Great OKRP Culture Bright Bright Great

OKRP Internal Pages 2 Bright Bright Great

The highest compliment I can give a creative partner is that they don’t just play back what we ask for, but inspire us with what we asked for in a form we couldn’t conceive in our wildest dreams.  That’s Bright Bright Great.

They get us, understand our brand, and as far as the all important digital identity is concerned, helped create us from the ground up.  They were with us in the beginning, and as we grew up and evolved they delivered a remarkable 2.0 update that elevated our brand without losing our original startup soul.

Tom O’Keefe, Chief Executive Officer

OKRP Front Desk Bright Bright Great OKRP Partner Shot Bright Bright Great

OKRP On The Street Bright Bright GreatOKRP Roof Shot Bright Bright Great OKRP Headshot Staging Bright Bright Great

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Jason Schwartz

New Work: Geneva Trading

Geneva Trading was designed to be a nimble organization with a rigid focus on its core strengths: risk management, market development, and alpha generation. They partnered with Bright Bright Great to update their look.

Geneva Trading laptop

Geneva Trading was born out of a desire to approach the world of digital trading with a strong focus on technological innovation and to make that point even stronger, Geneva needed a bold, modern site with which to tell their story.

Bright Bright Great started work on this project to totally revamp Geneva’s brand, creating a new logo and wordmark to compliment a totally reimagined art direction featuring a color palette with strong neutral tones accented by vibrant neon colors and custom illustrations.

With the site now launched, BBG will stay on to provide managed hosting services in order to ensure the best possible web experience for Geneva Trading’s audience.

Geneva mobile


Geneva Index Page


Geneva Trading Logo


Geneva wordmark


Geneva Letterpress Business Card MockUp


Geneva Illustration

Geneva Text Interaction1

Geneva Internal Pages 3by3


Geneva LocationCards

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Jason Schwartz

New Work: 4C Insights

BBG is excited to announce the launch of 4C Insights‘ new website.

Just in time for their feature in Crain’s, 4C’s new site gives visitors a complete perspective of the specialized tools and solutions available.

4C is a data science company that’s leading the convergence of TV and digital media with software for advertisers, agencies, media companies, and content owners. See what 4C CMO Aaron Goldman had to say about the project on our testimonials page.

BBG refined 4C’s color palette, designed a new art direction and web presence, and did photography for their leadership team and office. You can get a better feel for the interactions by visiting 4C’s live site.

4C Insights Index


4C mobile


4C internal pages


Chicago river view


4c group work


4c meeting room


4c workstation


4c computer screen

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Jason Schwartz

New Music Video For Jennifer Hall’s “Make It Out Alive”

BBG’s art director Alex Sheyn worked nights and weekends, alongside fellow creators Jordan Balderas and Elaine Short, to create the new music video for Jennifer Hall’s new single “Make It Out Alive” from her newly-released, self-titled EP.

The video went from idea, to plan, to project, to the full-HD 4K video you see above.

With limited budget and the obvious time constraint of the project’s main contributors working on it as a side project, we couldn’t be prouder of Alex’s work on this project and are stoked to see the new video hit the web. Watch it above or on YouTube.

If you’re in Chicago, join us at the video release party this weekend (8/22). Download the EP here.

Jen Hall Cover Art

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Jason Schwartz

New Work: Philo Broadcasting Becomes Philo Media

BBG is proud to announce the launch of Philo Media’s updated brand, web presence, and internal and external documents.

With a name harkening back to the man who invented the first video camera tube, Philo Farnsworth, Philo Media was one of the first to help advertisers create compelling, branded content specifically for a web-based audience. Today they’re one of the few in their space that supports the entire distribution process for their clients.

From the start, it was clear that the team at Philo Media is dedicated to making the highest-quality product that they can with meticulous attention to detail. With that in mind, we set out to create a new logo and brand identity that accurately reflected Philo’s status as a company that is almost pathologically innovative while also one of the longest-tenured firms in their field.


Philo Media Static Index



What we arrived at is a marriage of modern lines and type treatments, beautiful photography, and a largely refined and restrained color palette with pops of lively color and texture. The result is a compelling picture of a group that tells compelling stories for a living.


Philo Media - Mobile


Philo Media - About Crop


Philo Media - Case Study Crop


Philo Media - Case Study Crop

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New Work: Assistance League LA – Helping Those Who Help Others

Bright Bright Great is thrilled to introduce the new website for Assistance League of Los Angeles.

Assistance League is a non-profit women’s organization that been serving underprivileged children and their families in Los Angeles for almost 100 years. It’s always an honor when we get to work with organizations that are working to make the world a better place, and the wonderful team at Assistance League could not have been more enjoyable to work with.

In creating a new site that makes donations and membership processing easier on their team and makes news and events easier to share and discuss, we worked hard to create a site for Assistance League of Los Angeles that not only provides a new look, but reinforces and improves the sense of community for all the women who give their time to the League’s activities.

  • Art direction
  • Responsive viewports (for mobile & tablet)
  • Palette exploration
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Hosting




Assistance League Components


Assistance League LA - Mobile


Assistance League LA - Blog internal crop

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BBG Design Awards

Bright Bright Great picked up 2 2014 Communicator Awards “Awards of Excellence” IE Gold one for Best Viral VideoCards Against Humanity A Lump of Coal and one for Interactive Visual Appeal for The Secret Handshake.

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Jason Schwartz

Hike SF Conference Recap April 4 & 5, 2014

On behalf of everyone involved to make Hike San Francisco a reality over the last 9 months, I’d like to send a giant thank to everyone who attended Hike SF over the weekend.

What literally started as a lunchtime Skype chat between Laura and myself where we said “Hey, I love what you do, let’s do something amazing together,” turned into something that even the two of us couldn’t have imagined, so we thank you.

We hope you had an absolutely invaluable experience and walked away inspired, knowledgable and with at least one kernel of genius, one quote, one piece of advice that you take to heart.






Bright Bright Great Creative Director & Hike Co-Founder Jason Schwartz.

Hike Conference San Francisco 2014 | Photo by Mona T. Brooks Jason Schwartz & Laura WinnHike Conference San Francisco 2014 | Photo by Mona T. BrooksHike Conference San Francisco 2014 | Photo by Mona T. BrooksHike Conference San Francisco 2014 | Photo by Mona T. Brooks GitHub with Daniel BurkaHike Conference San Francisco 2014 | Photo by Mona T. BrooksHike Conference San Francisco 2014 | Photo by Mona T. Brooks Jason Schwartz & Laura Winn Hike Conference San Francisco 2014 | Photo by Mona T. BrooksHike Conference San Francisco 2014 | Photo by Mona T. Brooks Mike MonteiroHike Conference San Francisco 2014 | Photo by Mona T. BrooksHike Conference San Francisco 2014 | Photo by Mona T. Brooks CrowdHike Conference San Francisco 2014 | Photo by Mona T. Brooks

Photos by Mona T. Brooks

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Behind The Scenes – Making Of The Avondale Type Co. ATC Rosemary Screenprint


A sneak peek into the creation of our type foundry Avondale Type Co.’s recent Rosemary Specimen Screenprint – Chicago Codes from screen burning through printing and pulling. Extra special thanks to Delicious Design League, Metavari, French Paper Co. & Blick.

You can still purchase a few of the remaining posters here…

Filmed with:
Canon 6D
EF 24-105mm F/4L IS
EF 50mm F/1.4

Music: Kings Die Like Other Men by Metavari (

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