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New Work: InterOptic by Advantage Optics

Bright Bright Great is excited to announce the launch of the InterOptic brand from Advantage Optics with a revamped art direction and website, Bright Bright Great worked with AdvantageOptics from brand strategy down to create an updated brand identity, art direction, strategy and more. We are continuing to work with the IO team on internal collateral and […]

New Work: Wright & Ditson

Bright Bright Great is delighted to announce the launch of Wright & Ditson’s new brand identity and web store, Wright and Ditson is the third and final brand identity and website project of three American Needle brands that BBG has relaunched. Bright Bright Great was tasked with creating a new brand and website for Wright and Ditson that connected the company to the American Needle brand portfolio […]

New Work: Paris312

Bright Bright Great is delighted to announce the launch of Paris312‘s e-commerce store. Paris312 is provider of high-quality party goods for those who want to add a little Parisian flair and elegance to their home entertaining.   As part of this project, BBG redesigned and developed the website on Shopify, designed custom illustrations, built product systems for […]

WordPress Static Page Cache

WordPress is a dynamic application. When a page is requested, the application loads hundreds or thousands of files into memory, makes dozens or hundreds of database queries, and eventually, crafts a static HTML document, which the visitor’s web browser can then render as a web page. All of this happens every time someone pulls up […]

How to Log MySQL Errors in WordPress

MySQL query errors can be difficult to diagnose and correct. For performance reasons, most MySQL installations fail to retain an error log for posterity; instead, if an error occurs, the reason is passed back to the application during runtime. If that error isn’t captured then and there, it is lost forever. Development Environments WordPress contains […]

Recommended WordPress Plugins

We’ve worked on hundreds of WordPress sites, and with that we’ve had experience with a great number of WP plugins, as well as written our own. Over the years we’ve come to trust certain plugins and we end up using them on almost every installation.  This is a list of our go-to plugins that we can wholeheartedly recommend to […]

How-To: Free SSL Certificates From Let’s Encrypt

SSL certificate costs have been steadily declining over the years. A decade ago, you’d have to shell out hundreds of dollars a year for a certificate, but more recently, adequate protection has been available from under $10. Now, thanks to a non-profit initiative called Let’s Encrypt, SSL prices have truly bottomed out: free. Let’s Encrypt […]

WordPress Multi-Parameter Search

For our work on the Lichter Realty website, we were tasked with building a multi-parameter property search. Lichter wanted their clients to be able to filter properties based on multiple criteria: contract type, property type, square footage, and availability.   Since the Lichter site is built in WordPress, to achieve this we had to build […]

WordPress Object Cache

It is not unusual for WordPress to run dozens or even hundreds (yikes!) of database queries when putting together a page. What’s worse, these queries aren’t the sort from children’s bedtime stories. They’re the dirty ones, full of temporary tables, JOINs on JOINs on JOINs, generic data types, and insufficient indexing. They’re the MySQL equivalent […]

How-To: Uncle Goose Create-a-Name

An exciting part of last year’s Uncle Goose redesign was the “Create-a-Name” block generator. This had been the most user-requested feature, so it was important for us to make it happen. Uncle Goose wanted a simple, intuitive way for customers to order individual blocks from one of three sets, and have each block’s color be customizable. […]