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New Work: Hologram, an IoT Company

Bright Bright Great is excited to announce the launch of a new brand and website for Hologram, a company that allows you to Connect IoT devices over cellular networks, capture device data, and manage a fleet with a stack of IoT tools.

Bright Bright Great worked with Hologram on brand and digital strategy. BBG initially started starting initially with digital strategy, art direction and seeing the project come to fruition as Hologram changed their name from Konent to the new parent brand.

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Alex Sheyn

New Work: OKRP

In 2013, Bright Bright Great helped OKRP capture the “grown-up start-up” feel they were going for when the company launched. We were delighted to have the opportunity to help them evolve their look to match their impressive portfolio of work.

OKRP Desktop view Bright Bright Great

From their beginnings, OKRP sought to put the “agent” back in “advertising agency” for their clients, and on the back of a string of successes, the team thought the time was right to update their brand and website to better match the maturity of the agency and really show off what they’ve been doing.

Bright Bright Great’s goal in this project was to grow the brand we had created previously for OKRP, starting with a new art direction featuring a slightly refined palette and updated type stack. To complement that, we shot headshots as well as cultural shots to show off the brains behind OKRP and their amazing workspace.

With the site now launched, BBG will stay on to provide managed hosting services in order to ensure the best possible web experience for OKRP’s visitors.

OKRP Index Bright Bright Great

OKRP Mobile View Bright Bright Great

OKRP Who's Who 2 Bright Bright Great

OKRP Working Bright Bright Great OKRP Culture Bright Bright Great

OKRP Internal Pages 2 Bright Bright Great

The highest compliment I can give a creative partner is that they don’t just play back what we ask for, but inspire us with what we asked for in a form we couldn’t conceive in our wildest dreams.  That’s Bright Bright Great.

They get us, understand our brand, and as far as the all important digital identity is concerned, helped create us from the ground up.  They were with us in the beginning, and as we grew up and evolved they delivered a remarkable 2.0 update that elevated our brand without losing our original startup soul.

Tom O’Keefe, Chief Executive Officer

OKRP Front Desk Bright Bright Great OKRP Partner Shot Bright Bright Great

OKRP On The Street Bright Bright GreatOKRP Roof Shot Bright Bright Great OKRP Headshot Staging Bright Bright Great

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Alex Sheyn

New Music Video For Jennifer Hall’s “Make It Out Alive”

BBG’s art director Alex Sheyn worked nights and weekends, alongside fellow creators Jordan Balderas and Elaine Short, to create the new music video for Jennifer Hall’s new single “Make It Out Alive” from her newly-released, self-titled EP.

The video went from idea, to plan, to project, to the full-HD 4K video you see above.

With limited budget and the obvious time constraint of the project’s main contributors working on it as a side project, we couldn’t be prouder of Alex’s work on this project and are stoked to see the new video hit the web. Watch it above or on YouTube.

If you’re in Chicago, join us at the video release party this weekend (8/22). Download the EP here.

Jen Hall Cover Art

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Alex Sheyn

New Work: Holiday Bullshit by Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 1


Bright Bright Great worked with Chicago-based Cards Against Humanity, the #1 selling game on Amazon, to create holiday creative around their “12 Days of Holiday Bullshit” promotion. The promotion asked consumers to pay $12 in exchange for receiving 12 mystery items over 12 days in the mail.

The promotion sold out 100,000 slots in 7 hours.


Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 2


Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 4Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 9Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 3






Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 6Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 5Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 7Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 8



Photography + Set Dressing

Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 11Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 12Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 14Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 15


Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 16


Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 17



Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit 10


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Alex Sheyn

Announcing Avondale Type Co., A New Font Foundry by BBG

Avondale Type Co. iPad


Your Friendly Neighborhood Type Foundry


September 10th, 2013. Chicago, IL – From deep in the heart of the Avondale neighborhood of Chicago, the creative team at Bright Bright Great are launching the Avondale Type Co., a pay-what-you-wish type foundry.


After years of using and licensing fonts built by others for client work, the Avondale Type Co. began as one font, ATC Krueger, to take matters into their own artistic hands. BBG Art Director Alex Sheyn explains, “I made Rosemary to fill a need in my own design work. I had a very stylized version of a didone font in my head, but couldn’t find one that met the idea of what I was looking for, so I just made my own.”


Wanting to spread the wealth at an affordable cost, Bright Bright Great worked long hours to bring both ATC Krueger and ATC Rosemary, another font created by Sheyn, to the public. BBG Art Director Drew Rios designed the Avondale Type Co. site, along with Developer Tiffany Stoik of Blobfolio. “Avondale Type Co. is really about bringing an affordable type option to all designers, new as well as experienced,” explains Rios.


For more information, please contact us, or visit


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Alex Sheyn