New Work: HighTower Network

HighTower Advisors set out to return the field of financial advising to its roots: being true fiduciaries to their clients.


HighTower BBG Landing Page in Monitor


HighTower Skyline BBG Illustration


Building a network starts with a single person. Then a single partnership. After awhile, people start seeking you out to join.

In order to get their message out, and find like-minded financial advisors, HighTower enlisted BBG to help design a highly-targeted website to help recruit the best and highest-worth advisors in the country while maintaining an air of exclusivity via personalized touches and interactions.

This campaign included a microsite with numerous personalized touches that happen behind a passcode-ed wall, individualized booklets, and several rounds of ideation for personalized direct mail campaign pieces to drive people to use their passcode on the website.


HighTower BBG Landing Page FullHighTower BBG Internal PageHighTower BBG Data Page HighTower Assorted BBG pages

HighTower Skyline Illustration BBG Iterations

HighTower Direct Mail BBG Concept

HighTower Name Detail

HighTower Book Cover

HighTower Booklet Interior Full Spread

HighTower Booklet Page TemplateHighTower Booklet Spread DataHighTower Booklet Data IsoHighTower Booklet Table SpreadHighTower Awards Table

HighTower Network BBG Email Template

HighTower lock up

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Jason Schwartz

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