Bright Bright Great is Excited to Announce New Creative Partnership with Thyng

Bright Bright Great recently had the pleasure of working with the good folks at Thyng, formerly known as MagicTags (Android version here).

Thyng logo

Bright Bright Great developed a new brand identity and provided UI and design updates to facilitate MagicTags’ upcoming app update and name change to Thyng.

We had a great time working with the team at Thyng and we can’t wait to work on more pieces as the project develops. In the meantime we’ll be keeping a close watch on the app store to get out and use the app in the wild.

See more of what we’ve been up to here.

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Avondale Type Co.’s ATC Ripley Lends Style to K-Swiss’ ‘The Board’ Campaign

With a massive thanks to our friends at The Designers’ Foundry for the assist, we were stoked to find Avondale Type Co.‘s very own ATC Ripley adorning K-Swiss’ new The Board social campaign.

The Board campaign centers around 100 of the most creative entrepreneurs, hand-selected by K-Swiss and famed DJ Diplo, who will help lend their sensibility and style to projects designed to advance and promote the K-Swiss brand.

A photo posted by K-Swiss (@kswissofficial) on

A photo posted by K-Swiss (@kswissofficial) on

We’re thrilled to see what new concepts come from The Board’s work and stoked that ATC Ripley was able to lend some flair to the brand. You can download ATC Ripley for yourself on Avondale Type Co.’s website.

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Bright Bright Great is Excited to Announce a New Creative Partnership with 4C Insights


4C Lockup


Bright Bright Great is thrilled to announce today the beginning of a new creative partnership with 4C Insights.

4C is powering the future of advertising with software that improves media planning, buying, and measurement. A data science company, 4C provides brands, agencies, and networks with actionable audience insights that drive measurable value.

The result is increased advertising effectiveness and efficiency across social, mobile, digital, TV, and more. 4C is the first platform to enable advertising on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. 4C also offers the world’s most comprehensive TV analytics by combining data from set-top box, ad occurrence, ad scheduling, and social media. 

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A Handy Guide To Working At Bright Bright Great

Deathly Hallows

Bright Bright Great is an amazing place to work, period. We are always learning and pushing each other to grow personally and as a collective team.

Think you’d make a good addition? Use this post as a guide to help you understand what it takes to be a part and if you are a fit.

We are damn good at what we do.

You can tell by our work that we “get it.” We are a digitally and UX-driven brand development company helping clients create stunning experiences that solve goals.

We build from the ground up and see projects through from start through finish. We continue on helping our clients after a launch with technology, content creation, strategy & social media marketing.

You can learn about the services we offer clients on our Studio page. There’s quite a few.

We are always curious.

This is our entire team’s passion and lifestyle. We look for people to join our team who can inspire us and our community.

We look for people who are naturally curious. You should be active on social media and up on the newest technology and trends. Your personal brand is confident, creative and has some grit. People believe in you.

Our skills are undeniable. Yours should be as well.

Bright Bright Great is a small team with no weak links. Every single day, we rely on each other to stay focused. During a normal day, we design, develop, shoot photography, create presentations, write strategy, post social media and a million other things. We run smoothly by each of us being able to adapt quickly and through intelligent processes.

We look for the best designers/photographers/strategists out there. We call those who fit best with BBG a “1+1.” You happen to be incredibly gifted in the role you are applying for as well as one additional creative skill IE photography, illustration, copywriting, social media, etc.

We’re small. We win and lose as a team.

You’d join us to help build something bigger. We win as a team. We also lose as a team. You’ll feel both.

We believe that performance-based incentives, like bonuses and extra time off, help to foster a feeling of community and ownership. We set annual goals and we fuel each other to achieve them.

How do I engage with you? BBG Apprenticeship & Full-Time positions

Most everyone who works at BBG engages with us through a 6-month apprenticeship position. That gives us the opportunity to fully vet your skills and for you to prove to us that you should be a part of our team.

Updates on open opportunities will also be posted on BBG’s Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.

BBG is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity in the workplace.

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Technology, Hosting & Keeping You Secure

All businesses need smart IT and Hosting services. Let BBG worry about the hardware so you can focus on your business. We offer a range of hosting options to serve everyone from private managed hosting to technology management.

Having excellent design isn’t enough if your site has performance, or security issues. 30,000 web sites are hacked every day because site owners lack the IT resources to properly maintain them.  We’re happy to handle Managed Hosting for our clients; technical expertise comes standard, saving your business tens of thousands of dollars annually. BBG helps to secure websites, create stable and speedy environments and works with our technology partners to organize and simplify hosting, updates and security.

We build lightning-fast servers for our clients and monitor them continuously to ensure they remain online, secure, and snappy.

Hosting & Technology Solutions

BBG helps to secure websites, create stable and speedy environments and works with our technology partners to organize and simplify hosting, updates and security.

We build lightning-fast servers for our clients and monitor them continuously to ensure they remain online, secure, and snappy.

IT & Hosting Services:

  • PHP/WordPress Optimization
  • Daily & Weekly Back-ups
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Software Updates
  • Real-Time Security Monitoring
  • Routine System Maintenance
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Load Monitoring & Traffic Load Balancing
  • Speed & Performance Upgrades
  • SSL Certificate Availability

WordPress Optimization

Bright Bright Great has spent the last 10 years working on WordPress hosting optimizations that not only secure websites, but assist with speed and performance, ultimately helping with SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)

Contact BBG for information about hosting, back-ups and custom technology at, or give us a call at 773-647-1034.

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In The Field – BBG Art Director Jen Hansen Speaks At Liminal Space’s “Designing at the Threshold”

BBG Art Director Jen Hansen, joined panelists Rachel Hyman, James T. Green, Anton Jeludkov & Morgan Walsh and moderator Amy Nicole Schwartz for an open discussion at Liminal Space’s “Designing at the Threshold.”

Designing at the Threshold: A panel-based discussion about experimentation and the boundaries of design. Panelists discussed the intersection of contemporary art and graphic design, balancing commercial work and personal work, the workings of their studio practice, and more.


Jen Hansen Bright Bright Great Art DIrector Liminal Space

The speaker panel getting ready at the Cards Against Humanity Theater.

Jen Hansen Liminal Space Designing at the Threshold

Anton Jeludkov comments to Jen Hansen Liminal Space Chicago’s Designing At The Threshold

Jen Hansen Liminal Space Designing at the Threshold

Jen Hansen speaks at Liminal Space Chicago’s Designing At The Threshold

Learn more about Liminal Space here.

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