Presenting Our Summer 2012 Interns x3?

BBG Summer 2012 Interns

Presenting the OFFICIAL Summer 2012 BBG Summer Interns!

In total, we received over 30 applicants for the 2 spots and had some really great people to choose from. We are excited to announce that we are taking on 3 Summer interns, all who are graduating from DePaul’s design program next week. Non-traditional, we know.

Say hello to our new crew:

Molly Bramlet Twitter

Amy Dosen Twitter

Alex Sheyn Twitter

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Jason Schwartz

Chicago Design Museum Open June 1-30, 2012

Chicago Design Museum BBG

After almost 8 months of planning, the Chicago Design Museum will open it’s doors in Humboldt Park this week and stay open with 5 absolutely amazing exhibitions throughout the month of June and coordinating with AIGA’s Chicago Design Week (June 11-16, 2012)

The Chicago Design Museum hosts limited engagement exhibitions that focus on design excellence. It adapts to curated collections, and finds the appropriate environment for the work on display. The formality of a traditional museum is still found within the high standards of the curated work, while the pop-up format promotes intimate experiences that are less likely to be found in a brick-and-mortar institution.

Bright Bright Great is not only a title sponsor this year, but also Jason Schwartz, BBG’s Creative Director has been active on CHIDM’s board since last November, acting as Chief Marketing Officer.

We are extremely excited to be a part of bringing this to the Chicago design scene and hope to see you all there.

Chicago Design Museum
Open June 1-30 (please check website for hours)
700 N. Sacramento #201, Chicago IL


IBM100: Icons of Progress
Rodchenko 120
Debbie Millman: Look Both Ways
Ed Fella: More Into Less
Fresh Produced: Exploring the Craft of Hand Painted Signage 

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BBG Summer 2012 Internships (2): The Hunt For The Awesomest Interns Around

Bright Bright Great Internship 2012

Bright Bright Great is looking for 2 interns for Summer, starting in June for 6-8 weeks. Shoot us your best and let’s make awesome stuff together. Wanna apply? Applications due May 25. We will notify only potentially accepted applicants first week of June.

Send your CVV & Sample Work (link to website is AOK) to by May 25.

Internship #1: Design

***Must have experience designing Web Design & Interactive UI elements***

Our client work is skewed heavily to interactive versus print. Show us some amazing work. Feel free to show us some print as well, but we are most interested in web and mobile work. We are killers, you should be one as well.

Internship #2: Strategy & Marketing

This is a new internship for us.

We pride ourself on being not only forward-thinkers and pixel-perfectionists, but also have strong depth of intelligence around brand strategy and marketing products. We are not looking for someone who wants to come tweet all day, we are looking to dig deep into brands  exploring unique messaging and engagement. You will still most likely be tweeting all day. We do.

Send your CVV & Sample Work (link to website is AOK) to by May 25.

Good luck!

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Bright Bright Great Is Proud To Announce Our Title Sponsorship Of Chicago Design Museum Summer 2012 Exhibitions

Chicago Design Museum

Bright Bright Great is proud to announce that we are a Title Sponsor for this year’s Chicago Design Museum, gallery opening June 1-30, 2012 at 700 N. Sacramento in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago, IL.

The Chicago Design Museum is opening this Summer in a 6,000 sq./ft. location in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood. CHIDM will host five exhibitions, which will be drawn from local, domestic and international sources. CHIDM will also be hosting events for students and professionals, presented within the context of our curated exhibitions.

There is no fee to attend the museum, but there is a suggested $10 donation per visit.

Visit the Chicago Design Museum website for more information.


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Jason Schwartz