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Just wanted to drop a sneak peek of something we’ve been working on. Bright Bright Great handled the original design, which was passed to an Android application developer for build. Once we saw the developed version (which missed a majority of the UI cues from the initial design) we jumped back in to clean it up.

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Jason Schwartz

Jason Schwartz Speaking At Insight Design Conference, June 9, 2011

Insight Design Conference 2011 Jason Schwartz

Our Creative Director Jason Schwartz will be speaking June 9th, 2011 at the Insight Design Conference in Cedar Lake, IN. The subject matter, “Giving Up The Cube: Leaving Your Day Job In The Dust.”

This is something that Jason understands first hand as he gave up leading a Creative Services team for an Inc 500 company in the Chicago loop area after 3 years to go at it alone. The “going at it alone” turned into what is now Bright Bright Great and he hasn’t looked back. If you are attending the conference and have questions for Jason before the event, please reach out to him on Twitter: Jason Schwartz Twitter.

If  you have any interest in breaking away from your current position, come learn about the benefits and risks…

Insight Design Conference
June 9, 2011 / 6pm–9pm
Community Arts Center
13300 Lincoln Plaza, Unit #1
Cedar Lake, Indiana 46311

Visit the websiteL:

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Jason Schwartz