Bright Bright Book Review: A Is For Armageddon

Once again BBG would like to thank Collins Design for giving us the opportunity to sneak-peek A Is For Armageddon, by Richard Horne.

If you know us, you know that very few books hit as close to home in terms of interest for our Creative Director, Jason Schwartz than this book. Obsessed with zombie apocalypse and doomsday scenarios, from cracking this book last week up until today, A Is For Armageddon has found a sweet spot on Jason’s desk.

A Is For Armageddon is decribed as “a catalog of disasters that are ready to befall the Earth and ultimately the human race. If you aren’t familiar with Richard Horne’s work, his previous treats 101 Things To Do Before You Die and 101 Things You Wish You’d Invented may have crossed your path over the last few years.

AIFA is broken up into 15 apocalyptic event clusters  ranging from 1. Extinction to 15. Universally Doomed. Take a peek at the list.

1. Extinction (Self-explanatory)
2. It Was Like That When I Got Here (Time, Universe Evolution, Water)
3. Biblically Stressed (Doomsday, Satan, Famine, Cults)
4. Acts Of God (Tectonic Activity, Cyclonic Events, Wildfire)
5. Turned Out Ice Again (Ice Age, Axial Tilt, El Nino)
6. Silent But Deadly (Carbon Sink, Methane, Sink, Sea Ice)
7. Wild Life ( Ecosystem, Animal Zoonosis, Pollination Crisis)
8. It’s All Your Fault (Warming Seas, Pollution, Acid Rain, Over Population)
9. Look After Number One (Obesity, Male Infertility)
10. Predictions (Mayan Calendar, Modern-Day Nostradami)
11. Little Issues (Atoms, Nano-Technology)
12. They’ll Kill Us All (World Leaders, Rogues, Globalization)
13. Don’t Mess With Nature (Genetics, Genetic Modification, Stem Cells, Hybrids)
14. Technic-Hell (Meltdown, Internet, Hackers)
15. Universally Doomed  (Death of the Universe, Paradox, Collapse of Causality)

Each page of the book breaks down an apocalyptic scenario, not only informationally, but also beautifully illustrated. Check out some of our favorite pages.

Periodic Catastrophic



Religious Warfare


Pandemic has a “When Should I Start To Panic Rating” of RIGHT NOW. Bird Flu, Mad Cow Disease, Ebola… this stuff is happening everyday. I would have LOVED to see a compliment to this page about Zombie Apocalypse, but for now Pandemic will have to do.

Aging Population


Anyone who saw the Adrien Brody movie “Splice” should start freaking out about hybrids… right now.

A Is For Armageddon is not only a fun book, but might also be crucial reading in the future. We all saw Terminator and know what happens when computers become self aware… also there is that whole pesky Mayan calendar thing.

Pick up A Is For Armageddon on today.
This book is definitely worth a read.

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Jason Schwartz

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