Bright Bright Book Review: New Big Book of Layouts

Once again we would like to thank Collins Design for giving us the opportunity to sneak-peek New Big Book of Layouts, by Erin Mayes (Design Director of Em Dash), Joel Anderson (Founder of Anderson Design Group) and Katie Jain (Co-Founder of Hatch Design).

New Book of Layouts compiles some seriously dope work from studios all over the globe. We even saw some familiar names in there (Congrats @timmit & Rule 29!) The book is broken into sections based on layout medium, advertising, banners, books, brochures, catalogs, magazines, posters, & websites. Take a gander and some of the eye candy below.

I’d definitely love to see more of the sexy interactive design and web work in future “New Layout Books”. Perhaps The New New New Book of Layouts? Something to keep an eye out for…

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Jason Schwartz

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