The Future Of Advertising: Engagement

The Future of Advertising

I recently stumbled across this interactive billboard on Milwaukee Ave. in Wicker Park and wanted to do a quick write-up about why it was so amazing.

I’m consistently being overrun by new methods of advertising as technology matures; throw a banner in an app, insert non-clickable commercials in television programs, RFID advertising and interactive billboards.

This ad (if you can even call it that) is essentially just a video camera that displays what is happening in front of it. I walked by, did a double take and had to walk back. As I was doing this, a pick-up truck on Milwaukee Ave passed by, slammed on it’s brakes, reversed and got out and chatted with me.

“I just drove by and saw this thing and had to stop. It’s awesome.”

It was awesome. Granted this isn’t the best and MOST CRAFTY use of the medium. For a comparison see this video of a “Stripping Girl Turns Into She-Demon on Chatroulette,” which was a GENIUS marketing pitch for The Last Exorcism.

The future of advertising is going to become seamless. New methods will continue to get away from full-page ads and radio and TV spots. This YouTube video for TLE did more for the marketing of the movie than any trailer, or poster ever could… millions and millions of views by people, NOT ONLY horror-movie fans.

Think outside of the box advertisers, designers and marketers!

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Jason Schwartz

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