Walk This Way: A New Book Review By BBG!

Signs are everywhere. They tell you what to think of that look everyone just gave you, when to keep quiet, and when you should run away… but they also tell you where to board your plane, where to find food, and in which room you won’t be slapped at a restaurant.

Collins Design’s present of the month is WALK THIS WAY: SIGN GRAPHICS NOW by Matteo Cossu.

No matter where we are, sign graphics find their way to communicate us a coherent message through clear and effective visual images, so design specialist Matteo Cossu presents a collection on some of the most ingenious sign work from around the world, featuring projects and their creators, as well as insight into their creative minds.

A fascinating compilation of photographs take us through amazing signage from museums, libraries, hospitals, theaters, retail, schools and public spaces.

The book also features interviews with sign experts, revealing the inspiration behind their work, the challenges they faced, and their thoughts on the final products. WALK THIS WAY  is a great resource for designers and students because it inspires beautiful visual communication.

The book goes on sale today, August 31st. We think that’s a sign that you should get it.

Images courtesy of Harper Collins Publishers.

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Jason Schwartz

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