Walk This Way: A New Book Review By BBG!

Signs are everywhere. They tell you what to think of that look everyone just gave you, when to keep quiet, and when you should run away… but they also tell you where to board your plane, where to find food, and in which room you won’t be slapped at a restaurant.

Collins Design’s present of the month is WALK THIS WAY: SIGN GRAPHICS NOW by Matteo Cossu.

No matter where we are, sign graphics find their way to communicate us a coherent message through clear and effective visual images, so design specialist Matteo Cossu presents a collection on some of the most ingenious sign work from around the world, featuring projects and their creators, as well as insight into their creative minds.

A fascinating compilation of photographs take us through amazing signage from museums, libraries, hospitals, theaters, retail, schools and public spaces.

The book also features interviews with sign experts, revealing the inspiration behind their work, the challenges they faced, and their thoughts on the final products. WALK THIS WAY  is a great resource for designers and students because it inspires beautiful visual communication.

The book goes on sale today, August 31st. We think that’s a sign that you should get it.

Images courtesy of Harper Collins Publishers.

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Jason Schwartz

Cat Is Out Of The Bag – BBG Launches Two Night Stand Event Website

Yesterday, Bright Bright Great formally launched Two Night Stand (www.thetwonightstand.com).

Creatives can register for an invite on Two Night Stand’s website here.

Two Night Stand

Two Night Stand is a creative event where 20 randomly selected Chicago-based designers, illustrators, photographers, developers and idea generators come together for 2 nights to collaborate on a mystery project.

There are “similar” events scattered across the country from 24-Hour Magazine, to Start-Up Weekend, however the actual focus of this event is quite different. Unlike the other events focused strictly on getting deliverables out the door, Two Night Stand focuses on the collaborative process, cataloging and publishing the entire creative process online hourly. We promise NO deliverables, just high level thinking, exploration and fun times.

Even though Two Night Stand is starting off as a 1-site event in Chicago over one weekend, it may expand to different groups of 20 randomly selected creatives working on the same mystery project at the same time. No team will come up with the same answer, it’s up to the collaborative process between the selected individuals.

First event: Sept 24-25, Chicago IL

Creatives can register for an invite on Two Night Stand’s website here.

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Jason Schwartz

Next Secret Handshake Lecture Series Event Announed: September 8, Jason Schwartz in Chicago

Conference Center at 200 W. Jackson, Suite 1320
Chicago, IL 60606


GOING PRO: Tips, Tricks & Tactics

Presented by Jason Schwartz (& Will Miller TBD)

View registration page.

Join Jason Schwartz as he discusses “Going Pro: Tips, Tricks & Tactics.” Topics include maxing out your resume, presenting the best work, and how to do it all right. If you have any questions about this subject matter that you would like answered, Tweet them to Jason Schwartz.

The Secret Handshake is an orientation lecture series for student designers and young creatives (18-25) looking for insider insight, honest answers and solid solutions to help you go pro.

This series, started by Jason Schwartz (Bright Bright Great), Antonio Garcia (Gravity Tank) and Will Miller (Firebelly), exists to bridge the gap between “design student” and “design professional” by inspiring greatness, demystifying the industry and providing tactical insight to successfully survive the transition.

Check out their Facebook page. You can also follow Secret Handshake lecture series updates via Twitter.

About the speaker:

Jason currently runs Bright Bright Great, a boutique interactive creative agency located in Chicago. Previously, Jason was the Director of Creative Services at Norvax, a Chicago-based Inc 500 technology company and has worked for 2 Chicago-based tech start-ups over the last 10 years.

Jason was recently featured on the AIGA KC website and judged in the 2010 Internet Marketing Awards. Jason was also a professional assistant at the 2009 Camp Firebelly as well as a participant in the 2009 Coudal Partners Layer Tennis Season. He has also been featured in GD USA magazine.

Got a burning question? Tweet it to Jason Schwartz.

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Chicago Interactive Design & Development Meetup Group (CIDD)

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Jason Schwartz