Monterrey, Mexico Airport UI Redux

After ripping on the stolen interface at the Monterrey Airport, I spent some time thinking about airport information in general. A few hours later voila!

1. Simplify.

Remove all visual and informational clutter. Include only the most important elements. No mystery meat.

2. Association.

I used an actual image of Mazatlan, Mexico behind the interface. Custom background images are hot right now and if Wolff Olins can drop it like it’s hot for Aol, we know it CAN be accepted by the masses. Flying to New York? How about a nice image of a hot dog vendor, or maybe a shot of New Yorkers trying to make pizza, ha.

3. Information Hierarchy

What are the most important elements?
Tier #1: Flight number to what location.
Tier #2: Minutes until boarding time, gate # and whether or not the flight is on time.
Tier #3 Have a nice trip. Realistically, there should probably be airline notes here. That would curtail the 100 people coming up to the counter before each flight.

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Note: This is only my approach, not a client contract.

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Jason Schwartz

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