Today In We Not Only Like Soccer, We Like Toys!

It’s World Cup time! And it’s also Collins Design time!
We must’ve done the opposite of walking under a ladder, because BBG was once more honored by getting an exclusive copy of Collins Design’s newest book: We Are Paper Toys! by Louis Bou.

The book is, of course, about the elegant and somehow mystical world of paper toys, a mix of creativity, curiosity, and a bit of patience.
Since paper toys are so hot these days, this book comes at the perfect time. We Are Paper Toys! is a collection of some of the best toy designs created by famous artists from around the world.

The book is beautifully illustrated and awesomely inspiring. It features 32 designers in 200 pages filled with interviews, photos and design tips for toymakers. The book also comes with a CD with more templates than you’ll be able to make in a summer.

And a special visual bonus, and because here at BBG we firmly believe in the art of experimentation, we decided to enjoy an afternoon of toy making and photography: we printed, cut, folded and glued and went outside to shoot our creations!

Here’s what we made:

Freddy Krueger by Horrorwood.

Rameses Paper Lion by Dolly Oblong.

Carmi by charuca.
So if this tickled your origami sense, you’re in luck, because the book is out today!
Order here or here, enjoy maybe here, and promote here and yes, here.

Also, if you buy the book and make a toy, let us know here! We’ll be delighted to set up a paper toy duel! Prize is watching Cloverfield at BBG for the 20th time 😛

Now look at some of the pretty pages:

See all the pictures on Flickr.

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