Awesome Article Alert – Design: Impact on Business Via Businessweek

Businessweek published an excellent article discussing the impact of design on business. Design: Impact on Business

Their 6 article series focuses on the following:
The Value of Design
Why Design Matters
The Value of Design to Startups
How To Redesign Health Care
The Role of Design in Business
Slideshow: The Worlds Most Influential Designers.

Even though I didn’t make that that list… yet, it’s still a good read. 😉

These articles are extremely important for people BESIDES designers to read. Designers already understand how their craft is valuable, but more often than not I find myself explaining the value of design to clients.

Design is creative problem solving. If the only thing we did was make pretty pictures, we’d be in trouble. Good design facilitates amazing marketing initiatives. Good design improves conversion. Good design makes interactive sites usable and functional. There is a reason why people pay a premium for premium design.

These articles might just enlighten.

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Jason Schwartz

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