Designing For The Greater Good: Another Successful Review By Bright Bright Great!

Have we mentioned how much we love Collins Design?

Collins Design is the editorial behind The Virtual Miscellaneum, a brill book BBG had the pleasure to review, love and obsess about last November.

This time Collins Design made our January by sending us a copy of Design for the Greater Good by Peleg Top and Jonathan Cleveland. A book showcasing the best, brightest, and most successful design campaigns in the nonprofit industry.

The message behind Designing for the Greater Good is that nonprofit campaigns shouldn’t merely share a message, but that they should serve as inspiration to encourage action.

The book includes 24 case studies, interviews with designers, cause-specific campaigns, logos and branding for nonprofits and tons of websites, posters, brochures, advertising, and marketing materials for different events and nonprofits. By the time you finish it, you should at least feel a little enlightened.

Go get this book before you’ve been left behind. On awesomeness!

Images by Jocelyn Ibarra for Bright Bright Great.

Get the book here!

Learn more about the book and its authors here:

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Jason Schwartz

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