Camp Firebelly Day 3

From wireframes to websites.
No power… no problem.

Jason Schwartz Camp Firebelly Web Team

This morning I got a call from Dawn that the power was off at the studio, but I knew that when you gotta get rolling and DELIVER, power or no power… you gotta see it through.

The Camp Firebelly crew spent the day at Radio Arte designing, vinyling, and overall styling and profiling.

I got the sitemap from the web team this AM and I knew it was time to get some personality around those wireframes. With the recap presentation at 5pm, my team worked and sweated the afternoon away creating a website on 4 different computers. One member on header, one on body content, one on a right column, and one texturizing! It was intense.

At 5pm we were ready to go and show our first design concept.
I am so proud. I cannot wait to see the finalized site. Go Keith!

Jason Schwartz Camp Firebelly Web Team 100F

View all the days photos here.

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