4/24 Layer Tennis Updates!!!


More details on Friday’s match.
I will be Tweeting as well as probably opening a Skype chatroom as we rock from Chicago, so stay tuned. #jaycrimes

Coudal Partners Presents: Layer Tennis
Date: 4/24 Jason Schwartz Vs. Ana Benaroya
Time: 11a-3p Central


Jason Schwartz
Chicago, IL
Twitter: JayCrimes

Ana Benaroya
New Jersey
Twitter: ABenaroya

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Jason Schwartz

Congrats To Us! BBG Likes To Win Awards

Bright Bright Great wins 2 GDUSA In-House Marketing Awards

Congratulations to us! Bright Bright Great has won 2 GDUSA 2009 In-House Marketing Awards for a direct B2C email campaign & print slick we created a few months ago. To read more about this award, check out GDUSA’s website.

I know it’s not live yet, but this month I will also be appearing in the People section of the magazine, so basically… we are taking over. It’s just a thing.

Wanna know what we’re up to? Check out our work.

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Jason Schwartz